How to Root Galaxy Grand SCH-I879

With this guide, your Galaxy Grand SCH-I879 will finally enjoy root access. The process to go from unrooted to rooted is easy. Allow us to show you that!

The rooting of your phone is something you need to perform with the right tool. Here’s the one we picked: SRSRoot. If you want an app that does its job very well and costs nothing, this is the one to depend upon. The handset you use is only 1 year old. Its 1200 MHz Broadcom BCM28155 CPU has a lot to win from the freeware; the latter will make it loads faster. The rooting doesn’t imply problems with dangerous stuff such as viruses. When you want to be rid of root access, the today’s tool will be of big help, too.

The benefits of this procedure

The phone’s rooting is done with a Build ID; we used this variant: JZO54K.I879KEAMD1. The SRSRoot app has the same pros if used on another gadget; it’s even compatible with whatever Android version comes its way, including the 4.1.2 sported by your device. The features that are added to your phone come courtesy of the same dedicated app. Which is also behind the addition of superuser and admin permission. Not long after you have these, your handset will feature root-only applications and battery tweaks.Galaxy-Grand-SCH-I879

You’ll also have access to custom ROMs and different ways to customize the smartphone. The root access will not leave your Galaxy Grand SCH-I879 with those unnecessary and unwanted documents, games and such. Finally, the SRSRoot app is a tool which is powered by an SRS Server.

You have to be prepared for some bad stuff, too. Particularly if your future plan is to upgrade the phone. Should you do that with official firmware, the system partition will be taken away. Also, your handset will no longer be rooted. These disadvantages are the only ones to be encountered. All of the other important stuff, such as stored data, will be left in peace. Same will happen to the phone’s internal and external SD cards.

The fact that you have a rooted smartphone doesn’t mean you can keep its warranty. On the contrary; as soon as the SRSRoot’s done its main job, the device will need to go through a tutorial. That is, if you want to restore the lost warranty. But if you do find a guide, make sure it’s aimed at the Galaxy Grand SCH-I879 instead of another model.


The main thing to focus upon next is represented by these pre-requisites:

  • deliver, on the laptop, some USB drivers fit for the phone (the download link is this one);
  • this device will then have to contain the drivers, so install them there;
  • the smartphone’s battery has to be charged fully to avoid running out of juice at some point or other;
  • save the data on your handset with a set of backups;
  • a full NANDroid backup has to be created as well;
  • turn off those programs that offer protection for the Samsung Galaxy Grand SCH-I879;
  • then proceed to the same action for the programs that protect the laptop against security problems;
  • next, be sure to turn on USB Debugging on your phone;
  • the laptop is required to operate with a Windows version.

Step by step instructions

At this point it’s good to perform the steps which are pivotal to the rooting.

  1. As such, start by downloading, on your laptop, the SRSRoot freeware. The tool is easy to access; simply open this page, then click on the download button there.
  2. You’ll soon have the app on the laptop. When it’s downloaded on this device, install the SRSRoot, open it and then turn on this: Unknown Sources; the option can be found under Settings.
  3. This next phase tells you to activate USB Debugging; only do it if this option hasn’t been tapped before. After that, plug the handset to your laptop with its USB cord.
  4. Now that the devices have established a connection between each other, root the phone. This is the option to tap in order to start the procedure: Root Device (All Methods).
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]You should now wait till the rooting is completed; this will happen in about 11 minutes. When you’ve waited more than 15 minutes, you’ll have to repeat the steps; this’ll solve the problem.
  6. Restart the phone if you want to successfully end this guide. Here’s what will reboot the device: Reboot System Now. What to do with this option? Tap it.

You are now finally holding a device with root access and all the pros that come out of this. Devote your time to discovering the new stuff and how they impact the phone.

If you don’t particularly enjoy the improved Samsung SCH-I879, the same app is going to let go of that root access.

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