Update Kindle Fire HD 7 to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean via CM10.1 M3 ROM

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 is a tablet that can be owned by people who cannot buy Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and other more expensive gadgets. In this tutorial we will give you the means to install Android 4.2.2 on the device.

And by “means” we refer to CyanogenMod 10.1 M3 ROM. Use our method only if your tablet respects some requirements.


Which sound in the following manner: find a tutorial on how to root it and flash a custom recovery image on it (you can choose between either ClockworkMod Recovery or TeamWin Recovery Project), turn on USB debugging on it, install USB Drivers created for it on your laptop, charge its battery unit, create backups and use the Fire HD 7 that has been unlocked already. Only by reviewing these guidelines will you update your gadget in a successful manner.Kindle-Fire-HD-7

Our recommendation if you run into a boot loop problem is this: operate a Wipe Cache Partition and a Wipe Dalvik Cache; then reboot the tablet. The same goes if the device is will be blocked in the booting phase.

Important instructions

  1. The guide for today starts off with step 1: download and Gapps archive, from here on your laptop, unzip their content and then plug the Fire HD 7 to your PC.
  2. Step two will follow the first one by telling you to perform the following: copy the CyanogenMod 10.1 M3 ROM to the tablet’s SD card root and then get ready to unplug the devices from one after as soon as you turn the gadget off.
  3. Step three comes with these tasks that need to be completed asap: boot the Kindle creation into ClockworkMod Recovery. The method to follow for this: press and simultaneously hold Home, Volume Up and Power. Once the Recovery Mode is reached, let go of all three keys and do a fill data wipe by performing a full wipe cache partition together with a complete wipe Dalvik cache; go to the tablet’s “Advance” option to operate these two tasks.
  4. Step four that comes next will need you to go to Flash zip from SD card; opt for it by clicking on Power. Select the option that reads Choose zip from SD card, then confirm the flashing of the custom ROM on your Fire HD 7; to perform the confirmation, opt for Yes on a screen that will pop in front of your eyes in a matter of seconds. Wait a bit before repeating the same (from “Choose zip from SD card” onward) to install the Gapps package. The two files are now safely flashed on the tablet.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Which leads us to the fifth step; this one’s prompts are clear: hit +++++Go Back. Now select the system restarting option from the Recovery Menu and wait for the device to reboot. The whole process will take a couple of minutes to reach its completion.

After the time of waiting is over, you can start enjoying what the Android 4.2.2 JB brings new to your Kindle Fire HD 7. The tablet’s “About phone” section should now show the CyanogenMod 10.1 M3 ROM whose help made it all possible.

  • Phan Dinh Nhat Quan

    There is confusion in this matter . Custom ROM for the Kindle Fire
    is not that the Kindle Fire 2 HD7 ( otter2 ) . Because CM10.1 was here to give
    KFHD7 HashCode ( tate ) .Please correct this problem . Many thanks

  • ben

    There is no home button on the kndle fire HD