Install Galaxy Y GT-S5360 with DXMA1 The One N Only ROM and Kernel

It is our pleasure to familiarize you with what it takes to install DXMA1 The One N Only ROM and Kernel on your Galaxy Y GT-S5360.

Some of what will expect you after you get these tools: mega bass beat, zipaligned, 6 lock screens, BusyBox and many other notable features.


Below you have the following requirements: root your S5360 and flash a custom recovery image on it, charge its battery, turn on USB Debugging and use the model that is not factory locked. Now make sure to have the following: , swap technology for partitions, , (, a new partition of the phone’s memory card (we recommend ext2), (filename: plus .

How to flash DXMA1 custom ROM

  1. For the beginning of our guide we have this first recommendation: after you’ve downloaded the DXMA1 The One N Only ROM and Kernel on your laptop, you need to take them from there and transfer them to the phone’s SD card.
  2. Now make sure the device is rebooted into Recovery Mode. Then perform a Wipe Data along with Wipe Cache partition.
  3. Next up: you should flash the update file for the phone’s memory card; after that be sure to flash the ClockworkMod Recovery. After you are done, you have to operate these two again: Wipe Data and Wipe Cache.Samsung-Galaxy-Y-GT-S5360
  4. For the next part of the guide you are asked to choose Install zip from SD card. Once the ROM zip file is present on your Galaxy Y S5360, you have to have patience until you spot “Amarullz aroma installer” on the display; once you come across it, you need to press Next.
  5. Afterwards make sure to activate this option: Pokoke aku setujah; which means “agreement”. Now press Next 3 times and then opt for “Nusbol ciyus enelan cumpah 121_4“. This action will install the Kernel with ext4 extension here: /system, /data n /cache; press Next.
  6. You shouldn’t select “Bootloop abis install” when you see it on the screen. Instead, do as follows: tap on Next.
  7. When the flashing of the Kernel is over, you need to click on Next once more; after that press Finish and watch as the “amarullz installer” closes.
  8. Once you are in the ClockworkMod Recovery again, you have to tap on Back – cache failed / ignore mount if you have problems with that message. Now you should find Reboot Recovery, which is in the Advanced setting.
  9. After the S5360 reboots into the Recovery Mode, you will have to do the following: once “Bootsplash” is modified, the Kernel will have been flashed on the handset.
  10. Wait for the Recovery to appear; now install the custom recovery image and afterwards flash the ROM zip, namely the eve.121_rom.
  11. When the “amarullz aroma installer” begins to do its thing, you should tap on Next. Then opt for Pokoke aku setujah; click on Next for about three times, then opt for Embooking room, which translates into this: the eve.121_4 ROM is going to be installed. Press Next and after that leave “Bootloop abis install” unchecked.
  12. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Click on Next. Then wait for the ROM to end its installation phase. When all of this is over, you will be asked to tap on Next; next up: click on Finish and you will find yourself in the CMW Recovery where you will have to press Back.
  13. Now just go to Advanced; there, be sure to opt for Reboot Recovery.
  14. As soon as you notice the Recovery, you need to choose the system restarting option and let the Galaxy Y GT-S5360 boot automatically. You should spot the device’s Home Screen after that. Once it appears, your smartphone will have been flashed with the necessary tool. Your device is currently the proud owner of the newest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.