How to Root the Micromax A25

Rooting is always the best decision to take for your device. That is, if you’re on the hunt for a way to make it feel brand new. Which might mean working with root only applications, witnessing new features and much more.

If you stick close, you will know how to apply this sort of method in a painless manner on your Micromax A25.


The whole thing starts with you analyzing the next few requirements:

To continue with our tutorial, the next step is to respect the wishes of the prompts below.Micromax-A25

Important instructions

  1. The guide debuts with step number one. You’ll read about these instructions that need to be followed: after having downloaded the four files above, they need to be placed on the desktop of your laptop; then you have to extract the contents of the Unsecured Boot Image, SP Flash Tool and Drivers to the same place. The SP Flash Tool needs to be double-clicked.
  2. After the file is opened, you will be asked to click on Options, turn on USB Mode and then click on Scatter-loading.
  3. Step three requests you to opt for the scatter file and then to click on this file: BOOTIMG.
  4. For step 4 you should choose the Unsecured Boot Image and afterwards power the Micromax A25 off and take out its battery.
  5. Step five includes these instructions: while the device is in the off state, insert the battery in its place and plug the cord of the phone only to the laptop.
  6. Step six is as follows: in the Flash Tool you need to tap on Download. Now’s the time to plug the USB cable to the A25, too. Opt for the drivers downloaded not too long ago when you’re prompted to provide them, then just go with the flow (no worries if you see errors in the meantime).
  7. Disconnect the phone from the laptop for step number seven and also connect it to the comp again. After you click on Download, the file shall be installed and once the process is done you will have to reboot the Micromax A25.
  8. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The step that follows the previous one tells you this: when you see that the handset is booted, you need to turn USB Debugging on. For this you have to go to its Menu, tap Settings, choose Applications, opt for Development and check the box sitting in the vicinity of the USB debugging. Now the phone and your laptop have to be plugged to each other again.
  9. Open the Unlock Root tool, click Root and the A25 will start rooting.
  10. Step ten comes next in our tutorial and it asks you to follow some instructions, after which the rooting shall end.
  11. The eleventh step is the last one: .

By now you may have noticed that there’s no warranty left on the Micromax A25. Get it back with the help of our next unrooting guide.