How to Root Huawei Ascend Y H866C

A smartphone we’ve wanted to see rooted for a long time is Huawei’s Ascend Y H866C. And I bet its owners have wished that, as well.

Well, we have great news: we discovered, thanks to a generous developer, how to help you achieve your dream. And it’s all written in this tutorial that we’d like you to read and enjoy.

The pros that always come after such a major procedure are totally worth the (small) effort and wait. One minor disadvantage is this: the smartphone is going to have its warranty erased. The only process that will retrieve it is if you unroot the device.


After you’ve taken the decision to let someone show you how you can root your handset, you should carry on with the following pre-requisites: , generate few backups with your important settings and charge the phone’s battery.

Alrighty then, if you feel prepared to be taken into the world of rooting, then all you should be doing is this: follow the steps that will pop in front of your eyes below. But don’t forget that all of them must be performed if you want the procedure to work on your Huawei Ascend Y H866C.Huawei-Ascend-Y-H866C

Important instructions

  1. The step whose role is to make the transition into our guide easier will need you to go to the file we told you to download; upon finding it, be sure to place it on the desktop of your computer, then take the USB cord of the phone to have the latter hooked up to your laptop.
  2. For step two to have a positive impact on your device, you shall have to do as follows: go to the desktop and copy the APK file to the smartphone’s SD card; then, once everything’s done according to instructions, you will be required to have this performed: go to the phone and disconnect it from your computer.
  3. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The third step is the one to tell you that you need to launch File Manager on the laptop. To install the APK file you have to tap on it and then simply go to the device’s App Drawer.
  4. Once there, for step number four you will be instructed to open it and wait till it finishes the download of certain files. When you see that it’s done this job, you need to close it.
  5. In step 5 you should open the APK app again (from the same place) and tap Poot.
  6. The latter will, in step 6, run the available codes. When it finishes that, you have to reboot your Huawei Y H866C and go to the phone’s Google Play. When you are in that location, look for Superuser and download it so you can check whether the phone’s been rooted or if it all failed.