How to Root Samsung Moment SPH-M900

After Samsung Moment SPH-M900 gets accustomed to what we’re offering below, you won’t regret it. If you ever do, you’ll find out how to get the handset to its initial state. But first, let’s learn how to root it!

You are about to witness a much improved device. SRSRoot is the instrument doing it all. And it will perform a complete job for free. When its presence is guaranteed on your Samsung Moment SPH-M900, nothing will stop you from sticking to root access.

The app called SRSRoot is freeware. Your Sprint handset, which came out almost 5 years ago, contains this processor type: 800 MHz. In case you’ve been having issues with it, you won’t from now on. This dedicated app will make sure to improve its speed. Novelties are many and they start with custom ROMs. New features and superuser / admin permission get joined by root-only apps and battery tweaks.

The benefits of this procedure

The phone will have access to customization options, too. The OS version operating on the phone is Android 1.5 Cupcake. No reason to worry about its future. The tool used today is an app offering full compatibility with all of Google’s Android versions. You’ll probably need an unrooting tool one day; this app will also be there to do it for you. This app’s also compatible with many different products. After landing on your Samsung Moment SPH-M900, the latter won’t be affected by security issues. The today’s tool is also powered by an SRS Server. Its presence guarantees zero unwanted programs.

You should always start a rooting after you’ve selected a Build ID. The SRSRoot is going to allow you to opt for whatever Build ID you decide upon. Our main option was CUPCAKE.CJ05.

Being able to use a rooted device comes with a price. The phone will get separated from its default warranty. Its presence on your handset is possible again; you just need to use a guide on how to restore it. There’s this to ponder on next: if you upgrade a rooted gadget, you’ll be faced with some damaged elements. But first, these will be spared: important data along with internal / external SD cards. These, however, are the ones to be affected: system partition and root access. Basically, your device will lose both of them in the end.Samsung-Moment-SPH-M900


Root access is guaranteed if you perform our requirements before everything else. They are all easy to do. Let’s find out below what they sound like:

  • USB drivers need to be a part of your notebook, so get them by launching this site;
  • when the download is all completed, you should make sure the notebook has the drivers flashed on it;
  • the security programs flashed on the smartphone need to be disabled;
  • USB Debugging should be enabled;
  • then take a look at the handset’s battery level and charge it if you need to;
  • a backup has to be created to protect the phone’s data;
  • a full NANDroid backup is also required;
  • the notebook’s security programs must be disabled;
  • Windows is the OS variant your notebook has to feature.

Step by step instructions

  1. We need you to find the SRSRoot app here and then download it on the notebook. That has to happen as shown here: click on the download button located on the already mentioned page.
  2. If you have, install the app on your notebook after the download’s completed. Next, make sure you do the following: open the same tool on the same device.
  3. The task which needs to be done now: tap Menu. There’s more: tap Settings and Unknown Sources (which sits underneath it).
  4. Have you activated USB Debugging option before? If you have, you can continue with the other steps; if you haven’t, tap it now.
  5. Should you have completed all of this, you can provide a connection between the notebook and Samsung SPH-M900. This important step is to be performed with the USB cord of your phone.
  6. Next on the agenda: start the rooting. You’re going to need some help for this; basically, you need to locate and activate Root Device (All Methods).
  7. Having done as indicated, let the procedure do its own thing; the amount of time you need to wait: not more than 15 minutes. The rooting may get stuck; if you’ve waited 15 minutes (or less), you have to repeat the steps.
  8. [sc name=”banner-jos”]In case nothing of the kind happens, then by all means perform our last step. This one asks you to tap Reboot System Now. You won’t wait long at this stage. As soon as the SPH-M900 starts over again, you’ll no longer have to long after new things.

The root access will give you everything you’ve ever needed. If you want to revoke it, there’s the SRSRoot to consider.

If the rooting proves to be too much, you can use the comment section below. Leave questions there and we’ll be more than willing to help.