How to Root Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 4G LTE SM-T217S

Have you ever needed a Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 4G LTE SM-T217S with root access? If you have, you may be interested in this tutorial. Here we’ll share with you our tips and tricks for a successful procedure.

The kind of rooting material you’ll see in here is free for download. This is one of the best things about it. Another valuable quality is that the app, called SRSRoot, isn’t targeted at a specific gadget brand. Neither is it the bearer of security problems. Its presence guarantees the presence of new features on your tablet. Root-only apps are also to be had. The new stuff isn’t limited to what we just added here.

The benefits of this procedure

The SRSRoot also makes itself responsible for battery tweaks. With these on-board, you will be able to use the gadget for a much longer period of time. Launched last year, your tablet’s CPU is 1728 MHz. The Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 4G LTE SM-T217S also faces custom ROMs. This software promises no bloatware and it makes do on that promise. The app is powered by an SRS Server; its presence brings about options for customization, too. Superuser and admin permission are part of the novelties as well.Galaxy-Tab-3-7.0-SM-T217S

The app you’ll soon be looking at is at ease with the tablet’s Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. In fact, the freeware can work with every one of Google’s OS variants. The rooting demands a Build ID; which you can choose for yourselves. We felt that this one would be appropriate for us: JDQ39.T217SVPUANB8.

To unroot your gadget, you can use, once again, the SRSRoot.

You’ll soon be looking at a device containing root access. This won’t stop the gadget from being parted from its warranty. Worry not; the damage is only temporary. Using a dedicated guide will deliver that back in no time at all. You will then experience something more damaging. The procedure to make this happen: an update. So, if you have thoughts of upgrading your tablet, the root access will be revoked. Then there’s the fact that your device will lose its system partition. No damage is going to be done to the internal / external SD cards. The important content is also kept safe. What’s more, you can root your gadget again with a guide aimed at its model.


Your tablet is aiming for a rooting. That’s why you’ll see certain steps in a bit. Before getting to them, we have some requirements. They’re telling you to manage the following:

  • the battery of your Samsung SM-T217S will need to be fully charged;
  • USB drivers will have to be downloaded and installed on your notebook from this location;
  • a backup should be made so that no important data is affected by the tablet’s rooting;
  • you also have to generate a full NANDroid backup;
  • the tablet’s security software should be turned off, too;
  • next, enable USB Debugging on the tablet;
  • the security software owned by your notebook has to be turned off;
  • your notebook needs to have Windows.

Step by step instructions

The first move that needs to be made has to do with the steps we mentioned above.

  1. Your first task is the following: go to this Internet address. Your notebook will need to contain the SRSRoot; that’s why you need to open that online page. When on it, make sure its download button is clicked on. If it is, wait until the app is featured on the required device.
  2. After it is, the tool has to be installed there; then it has to be open on it, too. Once done with all of the previous steps, one more needs to be performed.
  3. Here it goes: enable a bunch of options. Menu is the first to be tapped. Settings is the second one. Under this is another one; which is labelled Unknown Sources.
  4. If this next option has already been activated, don’t do it now; here’s its name: USB Debugging. Your notebook and Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 SM-T217S should enter a connection. Plugging the two to each other needs this: the tablet’s USB cord.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The tablet you want to root will now enter the rooting phase. This is going to happen once you’re done with the following action: enable Root Device (All Methods). The process will be completed in about 10-15 minutes.
  6. Should the rooting not be done in 15 minutes or less, redo all of the previous steps. At the end of this stage, we recommend restarting the tablet. Which means activating the following option: Reboot System Now.

The gadget is now an owner of a very important thing: root access. After you get the hang of the novelties, you’ll know if they’re worth your time. If they aren’t, the SRSRoot should be used; with it, your Samsung SM-T217S can be unrooted.

In case there were problems with the rooting, feel free to ask advice on how to deal with them. To do that, use our comment box.