Install XXDMI1 Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Official Firmware on Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5110 WiFi

On the lookout for a guide with which to upgrade Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5110 WiFi to Android 4.2.2? If so, here you go: we have a tool that will bring your much-needed OS on your favorite tablet. XXDMI1 official firmware is what you are looking for and you are offered the opportunity to have a go at it as soon as you feel like!

The Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5110 and the new official firmware make a great pair. The latter guarantees the presence of new apps, new features, a longer battery life, customization tweaks and so on for your gadget. The performance of the latter will also benefit from the presence of the aforementioned firmware.

To exemplify just a few of the features you’ll discover: a dedicated toggles page in the status bar, Daydream screensaver mode, custom Samsung features, lockscreen widgets and a lot more. With this firmware, your tablet will be stabler than ever before.


We should now deliver the list of compulsory requirements, as is usual in our tutorials:

  • create backups for all the data that is sported by your tablet;
  • download the (file name: and then Odin tool from here on either your comp or your notebook;
  • use the carrier and factory unlocked Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5110 Wi-Fi;
  • flash USB drivers for this tablet on your laptop or PC;
  • fully charge the battery of your gadget;
  • turn USB Debugging on.Galaxy-Tab-2-10.1-P5110


  1. Now make sure you start our guide with these instructions: extract both files you had to download and then look for .tar.md5 and Odin tool .exe files.
  2. Power, next, your tablet off and then make sure you enter your gadget in Download Mode; here is how we do that: simultaneously press + hold Volume Down + Power till you see the logo of Android (also, look for a warning triangle) on the tablet’s display, then, when these two appear, you have to press Volume Up and you are in the mode you had to enter.
  3. Launch the Odin as Admin on your notebook and continue by plugging the devices to one another. The Odin will begin to detect your notebook, so wait till you spot an “Added!!” message and a yellow-colored ID:COM box. In case nothing happens, you have to use another USB port or flash the USB drivers once more.
  4. After you’ve followed these instructions, here are some new ones: tap “PDA”, choose the .tar.md5, tap “Phone”, choose a file with a MODEM inside the name, click on “CSC”, opt for a file with a CSC in the name, click on “PIT” and choose the file with a .pit extension.
  5. Once you are done with this part, you should next do the following: turn F. Reset Time, Repartition and Auto Reboot on by choosing their boxes; in case you didn’t see/select the file with the .pit in it, don’t check the Repartition box.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Now proceed to the flashing of the upgrade file by hitting the key called “START”, then wait for the installation to be over. As soon as it is, the tablet is going to restart.
  7. When it does and you notice “PASS” appear on the display, you will have to disconnect the tablet from the laptop. After you do that, you can go to your gadget’s “About tablet” and see if the new XXDMI1 Jelly Bean firmware is there. Once you see it, it’s time to party! If it’s not, you should redo the tutorial.

Here is what you should do in case your tablet freezes in booting animation: enter it in the Recovery Mode and then, before you reboot it, make sure you select Factory Reset/Wipe Data followed by the option called Wipe Cache Partition. Then opt for “Restart your device”.

After you solve this problem, you are free to get it on with your updated Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5110!