Update HTC Desire HD to Jelly Bean 4.2.2 DHD Station Custom ROM

HTC Desire HD has a rendez-vous with a new version of Android, namely 4.2.2. The means of getting this update is a spunky new tool called DHD Station Jelly Bean custom ROM. Which has many advantages to introduce you to.

Some of them are these: TouchWiz Launcher, Samsung keyboard, many Samsung apps, new features and such. The performance of your smartphone will get improved, as will the battery life. Also, new custom ROMs will find their place on your handset if you wish to install and enjoy them.


The thing about updates is that they need pre-requisites before the procedure can happen. Here are those requirements:

  • root your HTC Desire HD, via this guide;
  • find a custom recovery and flash it on your phone;
  • configure Fastboot and ADB on the laptop or comp you use;
  • use the model whose bootloader is not locked;
  • charge the battery of the handset;
  • create backups, using the instructions from this page;
  • use a factory unlocked phone;
  • turn USB Debugging on;
  • flash USB drivers for your phone, from here on your notebook or PC;
  • get the new DHD Station custom ROM, from (file name: DhdSation-V3.0-KernelDev101.zip) on the laptop.HTC-Desire-HD


For this update to end up on a positive note, you have to make sure you follow the steps we prepared for you.

  1. Here’s the first of them now: unzip the content of the DhdSation-V3.0-KernelDev101.zip archive on your notebook and you should get boot.img. Then we ask that you do this: plug the phone to your PC or laptop with the USB cord that belongs to the HTC Desire HD and then move the downloaded file from the comp to the phone’s SD card root.
  2. Then make sure you do the following: move the boot.img to a folder known as android-sdk-windowsplatform-tools and switch the handset off.
  3. Your next move should be this one: enter Fastboot Mode/Bootloader by powering your handset on while pressing and simultaneously holding Volume Down and Power.
  4. Then go to the android-sdk-windowsplatform-tools directory. Be sure to launch Command Prompt by doing this: press Shift and Right-click, then choose Open Command Prompt. Next: enter
    fastboot flash boot boot.img
    after which you should absolutely press “Enter“. Now enter
    fastboot reboot
    and press “Enter” again, then follow the instructions that will pop up on the display.
  5. Opt for “Bootloader” next. Go to “Recovery” and then choose Factory Reset/Wipe Data so that your phone has its full data erased.
  6. Now opt for Wipe Cache Partition to go through a cache wipe and then select “Advanced” from the Recovery; from there on, choose Wipe Dalvik Cache and wait for the dalvik cache to be wiped.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Move on with these tasks: return to the device’s Recovery screen, choose Install zip from SD card and then opt for Choose zip from SD card. Now go to the update file.
  8. Opt for this with “Power” and have this confirmed. The flashing will now begin, so wait until it’s done. Then select +++Go Back+++.
  9. From the phone’s Recovery, make sure you choose Reboot Now and allow the device to restart on its own. The HTC Desire HD has been upgraded to the new Jelly Bean 4.2.2 DHD Station custom ROM. Enjoy!