How to Root Samsung Galaxy S Aviator SCH-R930

Galaxy S Aviator SCH-R930 needs root access. But only if you’re after some novelties and an improved performance. If you are, this tutorial will offer the right tool to root your phone. Everything is detailed underneath!

This is the Build ID we thought of using today: GINGERBREAD.FC01. SRSRoot app, the rooting tool we selected for your phone, can be used with other Build IDs. Almost 3 years have passed since the handset’s been launched. The SRSRoot will deliver the kind of novelties that’ll transform this model into a more polished one.

The app we opted for is free of charge. On top of that, it’s powered by an SRS Server and it works with many of the devices available today; it also supports gadgets that were launched in the past. As a side note: the SRSRoot is also available as an unrooting possibility. The device rooted by this app has an Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread among its specifications. This tool lets you keep this version; many other Android variants work with the app.Galaxy-s-Aviator-SCH-R930

The benefits of this method

In terms of a processor, your handset arrives with this CPU: 1 GHz. Like with the OS, the processor won’t be damaged. Instead, it’ll deliver faster speed. The rooting of your Samsung Galaxy S Aviator SCH-R930 will let you do several things without having to worry about battery life; in fact, the latter will become so much better after the app’s running on the phone.

Then, after the battery receives its tweaks, you will get to flash custom ROMs. After that you’ll enjoy new features and root-only apps. The enjoyment of your rooted US Cellular smartphone won’t be bothered by security issues; or by unwanted applications, files and so on. Instead of that, the handset will welcome superuser and admin permission; custom ROMs will become available, also.

If you prefer customizing your own device, this tool will offer many customization options. The rooting of your phone will revoke its warranty. Good news: there are methods to have it back.

If an update is in the near future and the phone’s rooted, disadvantages will come up. Like this one: the system partition will say bye bye. So will the root access, which will be revoked very soon. Important data will not be wiped out. The device’s internal and external SD cards are also safe.


The right thing to do now is to follow these pre-requisites all the way through:

  • start by charging the phone’s battery until it’s completely full;
  • then go to this website to download USB drivers for the phone on your notebook;
  • creating one or more backups means a lot for your handset’s data, so do it now;
  • once done with the previous actions, initiate a full NANDroid backup (it will be of great use later);
  • the notebook must ship with Windows;
  • disable, on the Galaxy S Aviator SCH-R930, the security programs it uses;
  • disable, on the notebook, the security software it comes with.

Step by step instructions

Have you finished doing all of the above? If you answered yes, kindly move on to our rooting steps.

  1. Your first action will have to involve the SRSRoot and your notebook. This is why you’ll need to get the latter ready and then launch this page.
  2. The site we mentioned has a download button; after clicking on it, the SRSRoot will be downloaded on the notebook. Once this process is completed, consider the following action: install the app on the notebook.
  3. When the flashing’s all done, open the app there and tap a certain option. Unknown Sources is the name of this option. To easily get to it, tap, on the phone, these options first: Menu and Settings.
  4. Next, find the Unknown Sources by throwing a glance under the options called Settings.
  5. USB Debugging is the next option which must be activated. In fact, you were asked to turn it on for the requirements. So, if you did it back then, no need to activate it now.
  6. As such, move on. But, if the option hasn’t been enabled, do it now. The Samsung SCH-R930 and the notebook will have to enter a connection. To do it, find the phone’s USB cable, then use it.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The plugging should be over in a couple of minutes. For the next task, you need to look for Root Device (All Methods). Tap this, then let the action begin. The rooting will be done once 10-15 minutes will have already passed. Repeat the steps if the procedure isn’t done.
  8. If the process is actually over, do the following: tap Reboot System Now. Your phone will reboot in a matter of minutes.

You can perform an unrooting if the SRSRoot doesn’t do it for you. Use this app for the procedure.

During our tutorial you may deal with various problems. If you have questions, drop them below.