How to Root Galaxy Acclaim SCH-R880

Galaxy Acclaim SCH-R880 is going on a trip. One that will end in root access. To get there, the phone should use a dedicated app. Which one is the best, you ask? The answer’s below!

Your smartphone deserves the best when it comes to its rootin. That something is SRSRoot. This dedicated app is one of the best out there. That’s due to its various novelties which improve any gadget’s performance. This is one of the app’s many qualities: its compatibility with numerous gadgets. No matter who launched them or when.

The SRSRoot app is freeware. You won’t be asked to pay to get it on your phone. The tool your phone will soon contain accepts various Build IDs. Here’s our personal pick: FROYO.DL25. Powere by an SRS Server, this rooting app works with plenty of different Android OS versions. Your smartphone’s sporting the 2.2.1 Froyo variant.

The phone also comes with this spec: a 800 MHz ARM11 CPU. The rooting will deliver a more superior processor speed. It’ll also provide the handset with battery tweaks. These are meant to improve battery life for your Samsung Galaxy Acclaim SCH-R880. Once the phone’s received those, it will have new features, too.

The advantages of this method

Customization will be a very easy affair. The root access means plenty of different and useful customization options. The SRSRoot software doesn’t shy away from bringing you root-only apps. After you get accustomed to them, you can also see just how useful custom ROMs can be. After getting some of the latter, prepare for enjoying this: superuser and admin permission.

The novelties’ list will continue with this: a complete lack of bloatware. You won’t get bothered by security problems, either. It should also be added that the SRSRoot is an app which has unrooting powers.Galaxy-Acclaim-SCH-R880

Rooting isn’t something that goes 100% smoothly. Your Galaxy Acclaim SCH-R880 will see itself without a warranty. A guide for your phone model should be consulted when that happens. That’s how you’ll know the correct method to restore the warranty.

We heartily recommend an update for your phone. But beware of some inconveniences. When the upgrade’s performed on a rooted gadget, its system partition will be removed. Nothing like that will affect the device’s data, though. However, it will revoke its root access. Both the internal and external SD cards will still be available, too.


Requirements are a very important part of our guide. You can’t start the rooting if you haven’t performed them. So make sure you do the following:

  • make backups to preserve the phone’s content;
  • perform, next up, a full NANDroid backup;
  • here you will discover USB drivers that work with the US Cellular’s Galaxy Acclaim SCH-R880;
  • download them on your laptop;
  • if the handset’s battery is running low, have the device fully recharged;
  • the only operating system that’s running on the laptop must be Windows;
  • disable, on your phone, those programs which protect it from security problems;
  • the pograms which offer protection from the same issues on your laptop need to be turned off, too.

Step by step instructions

Now that the pre-requisites have been listed and performed, you should start the rooting.

  1. This tutorial’s first step asks you to download, on your laptop, this: the SRSRoot file. This app can be found at this address. When you have opened the link we mentioned, a download button will pop up.
  2. As soon as you spot it, click on it; the app’s download will begin. If the package is downloaded on the laptop, flash it there. Launch the same on that device and enable an important option.
  3. The latter has the following name: Unknown Sources. If you aren’t familiar with this option’s whereabouts: tap Settings from Menu, then look for the Unknown Sources under the Settings option.
  4. If all of these actions are done, consider the next task: enable USB Debugging. This action should only be performed by those of you who haven’t turned this option on before. All of you who have can now move on.
  5. For this step we want you to connect your phone to your laptop. Use the handset’s USB cable. After a couple of minutes, the plugging will have been done. Which brings us to the next step.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Here’s what you have to do: tap Root Device (All Methods). The rooting of your Galaxy Acclaim SCH-R880 shall be initiated in a few seconds. The process will need about 10-15 minutes. Should it take more, redo the steps.
  7. By the time your smartphone’s rooted, you’ll be able to perform one more step. And that is the following: reboot the handset by tapping Reboot System Now. Then let yourself be awed by the rooting goodies.

If you don’t think that having root access is amazing, use the same tool to unroot the phone.

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