Installation guide: TouchWiz 5 on the Google Nexus 7

TouchWiz is the user interface that Google chose to implement on their Nexus 7. Many users of this device praised its UI for the ease of use, good looks and various other pros. But if you are not a fan of the older version, you can now grab the TouchWiz 5 via a very useful custom ROM created precisely for this purpose and this particular tablet.


The creator of this tool named it CodenameSammy ROM. The only gadget it works on is the Google Nexus 7, like we mentioned. Never use it on another model. Or, if you do, prepare to have that gadget ruined.

We made a list with all the necessary requirements your Nexus 7 needs to comply with for a successful installation. It includes things like backing up of every single data on your device, (CodenameSammy-1.2 zip by its full name) and making sure that the ClockworkMod Recovery is featured. If it isn’t, get it now. Because without it you won’t achieve what you initially intended.Nexus-7-touchwizz

Important instructions

Which brings us to the steps that, if followed accordingly, will assure a smooth transition to the TouchWiz 5 on your Google Nexus 7.

  1. The first of them is the following: you have to copy the previously downloaded to the internal SD card of the device.
  2. For step 2 you need to turn the gadget off, then reboot it to ClockworkMod Recovery by connecting the tablet to a laptop with the help of a USB cable; then you have to press and hold down the buttons labeled Volume Up, Volume Down and Power.
  3. Step 3: look for an Android robot lying on its back. Once you see it, you have to use the key for Volume Down and highlight Recovery mode; select the latter via the Power button.
  4. Step 4: once you spot the icon of Android with a red triangle, hold down Power, then press Volume Up. This will offer access to Recovery Mode.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]For the fifth step you have to make a NANDroid backup of the tablet’s ROM by going to Backup and Restore or using this guide; once there, choose Backup. After you’re done, opt for Factory reset/Wipe data; confirm this, then choose Wipe cache partition; this also requires a confirmation.
  6. Step number 6 tells us this: return to the tablet’s main menu, then choose Advanced, then opt for Wipe Dalvik cache; confirm this action.
  7. Step 7 instructs us to choose Install ZIP from SD card, then Choose ZIP from SD card.
  8. For the eighth step one has to find the CodenameSammy 1.2 ROM ZIP file and confirm the action.
  9. The last step sounds like the following: return to the main menu; once you go back there, choose Reboot system now.