Guide: Flash Dark ParanoidAndroid for the Google Nexus 7

Google developed a UI for Android called Vanilla a while back. But as soon as it was launched, some Google Nexus 7 users were left disappointed in it. Why? Because they were exposed to too much richness on their screens. Which is why a member of XDA Developers forum created something that wouldn’t be as flashy. And he called it Dark ParanoidAndroid ROM.

This new version of the Vanilla user interface comes in all-black clothes. Which is why it won’t hurt your eyes if you use the tablet for longer periods of time. If you want to flash it on your Nexus 7, you can do that with the help of very easy to follow steps that won’t take too much to complete. Once the process is over, you will be able to enjoy things without hurting your vision.


Here are the requirements: make a backup of the data you think will be very valuable later on, download , see if the tablet sports ClockworkMod Recovery and a custom kernel, then .Nexus-7-dark-paranoid

All you need to do next is follow the steps we prepared below.

Important instructions

  1. The first step requires the Nexus 7 owner to copy both the and the to the tablet’s memory card, as usual.
  2. Following up is step number 2: switch the device off.
  3. Then, for step 3, you have to reboot the product into the ClockworkMod Recovery by connecting it to your PC via a USB cable, after which you have to hold down the keys for Volume Down, Volume Up and Power. This will make the Android logo appear on the screen. You are then required to press the button for Volume Down and choose Recovery mode. To select this you have to press the Power key. When you will see a red triangle on the display, you have to keep pressed the button for Power. After that you need to select and keep pressed for few seconds the key for Volume Up.
  4. Step 4 goes something like this: make a full NANDroid backup of the ROM used on the tablet using this guide.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]After this procedure comes the fifth step: get back to Backup&Restore option. Once you are there, choose Backup, then Factory reset/Wipe data. A confirmation needs to be performed afterwards. Choose Wipe cache partition next; confirm this one, too.
  6. Step number 6 means the return to the tablet’s menu; when you arrive there, simply opt for Advanced, then Wipe Dalvik cache. Confirm what you just did.
  7. For the seventh step you have to choose the installation of the archive from the tablet’s memory card.
  8. This is followed by step 8: opt for Choose ZIP from SD card.
  9. Step number 9 asks the user to search for the file called Dark ParanoidAndroid and confirm this. The action will flash the custom ROM to Google’s Nexus 7. In order to install the Google Apps pack, you need to do what you did for steps number 7 and 8.
  10. For the last step perform the following: return to the device’s main menu; there, select the restarting of the entire system.

Now make the most of the new Vanilla user interface for your Google Nexus 7.