Install ATOM ROM on Galaxy Nexus SCH-i515

Samsung hit it big when they launched their Galaxy Nexus SCH-i515. The people who bought it shortly afterwards praised it at once. That is one of the reasons we chose it for our tutorial today.

So if you have this model (in particular the one supported by Verizon), you’d do well to check our “How to install ATOM ROM” guide out. This tool, though, is not yet a finished version. But the bugs you may experience are not serious enough to keep you from grabbing this ROM.

If your handset is already rooted, then you can almost proceed to the installation of the above tool. There are other requirements you need to consider. The phone has to have the USB Debugging activated and ClockworkMod Recovery installed. The last pre-requisite that’s needed here: the bootloader of Nexus SCH-i515 should be unlocked.

That’s all that is required of you in terms of requirements. Below are the steps you can start following from now on.Galaxy-Nexus-i515

Important instructions

  1. The first one says that you need to . This needs to be saved on your laptop and you are afterwards asked to move the .zip archive to the phone by plugging the latter to the comp.
  2. Step 2: after the transfer you have to disconnect the two.
  3. Step 3: switch the smartphone off and enter in the ClockworkMod Recovery mode. You must keep pressed for about 5-6 seconds the Volume Up, Volume Down and Power buttons for this to take effect. Then wait so that the phone will enter in the Fastboot mode.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]For step number 4 you are required to tap on Volume.
  5. Step 5: Recovery should come on-screen. You can now opt for this via Power and generate a full backup. Not sure how? Go to Backup and Restore and select Backup.
  6. Step 6: offer your permission when you are asked for it. Tap on Yes to make it possible and then return to the phone’s menu by clicking on the option called Go Back. Select Factory Reset/Wipe Data.
  7. In step seven you will be asked to tap on Yes and go back, once again, to the recovery menu. Direct your hand to Install zip from sd card.
  8. The eighth step needs you to do the following: opt for Choose zip from sd card and find the .zip file on your microSD card.
  9. Step 9: choose this file and confirm this by clicking on Yes. Get back to the phone’s menu and select the restarting of the entire system. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus SCH-i515 is going to boot now into ATOM ROM.