How to root Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini I8190

There are many smartphones and tablets which are in dire need of a rooting at one point or another. But for today we are putting Samsung’s Galaxy S3 Mini I8190 in the spotlight. Why? Because we feel we should give smaller smartphones a chance, too.

Not every consumer out there can afford to get the latest device offer made by this company. Nevertheless, the thing is: if you decide you want this procedure for your Mini I8190, its warranty is going to become useless. But not for eternity. Just look around the Internet for a way to grab it back. It’s not complicated at all.


So once we get this covered, it’s now a good idea to go over the necessary requirements in order to assure a successful rooting operation. Plug the phone into its charger till the battery charges at its fullest, backup data, get rid of security software on your laptop (and make sure the latter has Windows at its disposal), see if USB Debugging is turned on (do it yourself if not) and also check whether XXALK6 ROM is installed or not.Galaxy-S3-Mini-I8190

Important instructions

  1. First step which will root your Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini I8190 needs you to download and Odin, then install the both programs on the laptop. Don’t forget to unzip the rooting pack on a dedicated folder.
  2. You will now have to, for step number 2, start Odin application on the laptop and switch the handset off.
  3. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step 3: access the Download mode via the phone’s restarting, as usual. This action will require you to simultaneously press Volume Down, Home and Power.
  4. The fourth step is also easy to put into action: just perform a connection between the PC and the phone. Now you must see when the ID:COM interface transforms into the color yellow and if the message “Added” appears on the touchscreen. If they do, great, you can choose, from Odin, “PDA”.
  5. Step 5: choose the root file, unzipped at the second step and tap on “start”.
  6. Step 6: after the rooting finishes, you need to watch out for “pass” coming on-screen.
  7. When it does, step number 7 asks you to disconnect the phone from the comp.
  8. Step 8, the last one, needs you to restart the phone. Your Galaxy S3 mini I8190 should be rooted at the end on this process.

If you want to get back to the stock ROM, you can unroot the Galaxy S3 Mini, using this guide.