How to Root LG Optimus Slider VM701

If LG Optimus Slider VM701 has turned into a phone that’s acting poorly, then maybe you should root it. Here we are with a tutorial on how to proceed with that.

When a rooting is needed, you have to select a good tool. We recommend this one: SRSRoot. If you want to know how it works with your device, we will tell you. For now, we wish to shed some light on its attributes. This is an instrument which you can use for free. There are many other things that make it your best bet. For instance, this tool does wonders even if your phone’s OS is Android 2.3.4. You won’t see the app refusing Android versions, whatever they may be. The SRSRoot is also more than capable to unroot a gadget. If you want to use it on a different product than the one in here, you may do so! After the rooting’s over, your LG Optimus Slider won’t be threatened by security programs.

The benefits of this procedure

Bloatware is another thing that doesn’t exist on the app. Instead, there’s this fact: the freeware is powered by an SRS Server. Launched 3 years ago, the smartphone is available with this CPU: 800 MHz. After it’s installed on that device, the processor will benefit from faster speeds. Battery improvement and custom ROMs come along. New features and customization tools make an appearance, too. Root-only apps and admin / superuser permission bring up the rear.LG-Optimus-Slider-VM701

It’s important to settle upon a Build ID for the rooting. With the SRSRoot, every version ever launched can be used. Our personal favorite was GRJ22.

Also known as LG Gelato Q, your VM701 will lose its warranty at the end of the rooting. But it’s only a matter of the right guide until you have it back! Most important is the fact that the root access will be revoked if an upgrade’s involved. This procedure will damage the system partition next. The smartphone’s major data isn’t affected by the update; neither are the internal and external SD cards.


You have to pay extra care to these pre-requisites:

  • make sure the USB drivers on this page are downloaded and installed on your laptop;
  • the phone has an option that needs to be turned on, and its name is USB Debugging;
  • back up the data which you think is important for your smartphone;
  • you should also perform, for your handset, a full NANDroid backup;
  • the rooting cannot happen if your laptop’s OS isn’t Windows;
  • you need to see if the phone’s battery is fully charged;
  • turn off, on the laptop, its security programs;
  • the security programs that are currently enabled on your LG Optimus Slider VM701 must be deactivated.

Step by step instructions

The perfect way to begin a rooting is this: follow our upcoming set of steps.

  1. For the first step, we need you to download, on your laptop, the SRSRoot. The app’s exact location is on this website. There, a download button will wait for you to click on it.
  2. The purpose of this action is straightforward: by clicking that button, the app will end up on the laptop. Once on that product, this app has to be installed and launched.
  3. We want you to do this next: enable both Menu and Settings. Do it on the smartphone. The latter has an option called Unknown Sources (under the Settings one). It, too, must be turned on.
  4. Next item to be checked: activate, on the same phone, the USB Debugging we first mentioned not too long ago. If already done with the previous task, time to ensure a plugging.
  5. The connection has to happen between your LG Optimus Slider VM701 and the laptop. Useful for this step is the phone’s USB cable. The task to attend to now prompts you to start the handset’s rooting.
  6. A procedure of this importance must be performed as such: turn Root Device (All Methods) on. As soon as the option is activated, your device will enter the rooting process.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]You should be prepared for 15 minutes of waiting time. The procedure can last under 15 minutes, or longer. To solve the latter problem, the previous steps need to be repeated.
  8. After the smartphone is done with the rooting, it has to be started again. The rebooting will begin after Reboot System Now is turned on. If your LG Optimus Slider completes the rebooting, it will let you deal with the new stuff.

This is the most appropriate way of checking up on the root access and subsequent benefits. You have the SRSRoot to easily fall back on if you want an unrooting companion.

The end of the tutorial brings you a comment section. You can add your questions about the procedure in there!