How to Install Android 2.3.6 UMND2 on Galaxy Y (Latin) GT-S5360L

One of the things your Galaxy Y (Latin) GT-S5360L needs is an update to its Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. To perform this upgrade, the new UMND2 official firmware must be running on the phone. Install this file via our guide.

Those of you who live in Mexico and use this handset model, the Android 2.3.6 UMND2 has just become available. Not only that, but the firmware has a KIES logo which is already turned on. This indicates the following: the update can be performed with the KIES software if your smartphone’s running stock ROM. If it isn’t, use our tutorial.

You will receive the UMND2 firmware only if the phone you own is the Galaxy Y S5360L. Because this is the specific model the firmware was launched for. Having it run on a different phone will ruin the latter.

Once the update’s on your device, its system partition will end up erased. Likewise, the device’s root access will be revoked. The thing about an upgrade performed on a rooted smartphone is that the latter won’t have its data and internal / external SD cards damaged.

The latest update for your phone means Visual Voice Mail updates from the get-go. Coming up are better Favorite Contacts widget and better VZ Navigator bringing loads of 3D map improvements. Commercial Mobile Alert Service and mobile hotspot bug fixes continue our list of goodies. You can smoothly move between home screen and there are better Vcast apps. Moving on, you get improved 4G signal and stability for data connectivity.Samsung-Galaxy-Y-GT-S5360


Whenever an upgrade is bound to happen, your device must experience some requirements. Here they are:

  • all those security programs running on the Samsung S5360L have to be disabled;
  • the security software installed on your laptop must also be disabled;
  • make sure regular backups are generated;
  • create, via these instructions, a full NANDroid backup;
  • fully charge the smartphone;
  • Windows is the OS which must be part of your notebook;
  • the laptop must have USB drivers on it, which means you have to download them from this address;

Step by step instructions

As for what’s going to happen next: you’ll need some steps.

  1. The one to start the upgrade tells you that Odin and the can be downloaded on your laptop. This download is followed by another step: extract whatever package you want first, then open Odin v3.09.exe on the notebook. For the unzipping you can use WinRar or 7Zip, either one is fine.
  2. The Galaxy Y (Latin) GT-S5360L has to be restarted into Download Mode. This means that you have to do the following: press and hold Home, Power and Volume Down, have a bit of patience and a boot screen will be seen. Press Volume Up next to be done with this step.
  3. Now you have to establish a connection between the smartphone and your laptop. This is done with the sole help of your handset’s USB cord. When Odin locates the phone after a short while, a sign in blue will pop up.
  4. This is all you need to know that the connection between your devices has just become reality. Next, we advise you to add the firmware file to AP / PDA and immediately after that check Auto Reboot.
  5. Once Re-partition has been unchecked and F. Reset Time is activated, tap “Start”. If you do that, the update firmware will enter a flashing mode. The amount of time needed for this procedure to be completed is somewhere around 10-15 minutes.
  6. After waiting for the installation to end, the handset will have a message to display: “Pass”. Give your device some time till it reboots.
  7. The GT-S5360L doesn’t take long to do that. When it’s rebooted, you will have to unplug it from the laptop and access certain options. To disconnect them, take the USB cable out.
  8. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The options that should now be tapped must be these two: Settings and About Phone. If everything’s in order with the update and you like the Android 2.3.6 goodies, enjoy them all.

But if they’re not at all what you wished for, use the NANDroid backup. That’s in case you want to get the old ROM restored after the phone loses its update procedure.

Under this post is a comment section. We have it there in case any of you has questions to ask about the upgrade!