Root and Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Sony Xperia J

Owners of Sony Xperia J have been anticipating a way to root their phone and install a custom recovery image for quite a while now. Their misery can finally end by reading this tutorial.

The custom recovery image that we will use for this guide is ClockworkMod Recovery. Once the procedure you will learn about today is performed, the phone will have its warranty no more; the way to get it back is this: use an official firmware update. The advantages of rooting your Sony Xperia J are below:

  • installing custom ROMs;
  • flashing apps;
  • using the device for root-only tasks.


Now that you are aware of the method to use so that the handset regains its warranty and about the pros of a rooting operation, you need to find out about some pre-requisites. If you don’t take them into account, you won’t be able to perform a successful rooting.

Here they are: download and on your laptop, create a backup, turn on USB Debugging on the Xperia J, charge the battery of the smartphone, use a computer that has Windows pre-installed on it and install USB Drivers for this model on your
We have finally reached the part where we tell you what steps to follow so that your Sony Xperia J is rooted. After the device completes them, you can easily install ClockworkMod Recovery on it thanks to our second mini guide that follows the first one.


  1. The first step of our tutorial on how to root the Xperia J will say the following: extract the file on your laptop, then see if there is a file called Runme.bat among others. The moment you spot it, you have to use your mouse to double-click on it.
  2. For the second step to go smoothly, you will need to have patience till the rooting begins and then till it ends. And that’s it: the device is rooted.

How to install CWM Recovery

  1. Our second guide on how to install CWM Recovery on the phone also starts with step one; only this time you are asked to extract file to the same laptop.
  2. Then, for step number two, you will need to do as follows: locate a file labeled Runme.bat.
  3. When you see it, the third step will tell you this: double-click on that file and watch as the installation of the custom recovery image debuts.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]When it ends, the fourth step will require you to shut down the command line if it doesn’t do that on its own, then restart the smartphone. A great way to see whether or not the rooting went without a hiccup, you should do the following: download Root Checker; it’s in the Google Play Store.

Plug the phone to your laptop now; should you be able to access the former quickly, then everything went well. All that remains to be done now is this: play around with your newly rooted Sony Xperia J and see if you like what the rooting procedure has done to it. If you don’t like any of it, you can unroot the handset via an unrooting tutorial.

  • ragu

    is this procedure works for updated 4.1.2 Xperia J ? We need to unlock the boot locker or no need?

  • Unless

    my phone does not power on… only charges itself. can u plz help