How to Flash KitKat 4.4.2 UEU0ANE2 on Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 SM-T230NU

Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 SM-T230NU is the tablet we are about to update to a more recent Android version. With this variant, your gadget will have many new and important goodies to improve it. The best way to get them is if you update your gadget!

Because the Samsung T230NU is more than meets the eye, Android 4.4.2 in an updated form offers access to performance enhancements. With UEU0ANE2 installed on the tablet, you should get the most out of it very soon. Just use the right tablet model and follow the steps coming up later.

The KitKat 4.4.2 is sought after thanks to what it comes with. And that is new apps, battery tweaks for longer tablet life, customization options and more. They allow your device to have fun in an improved manner. And you’ll avoid major security glitches along the way.

The new update firmware came out for the USA (Cellular South) this month. Its KIES logo isn’t going to allow you to update the gadget with it. Another method, besides ours, of upgrade is OTA (or over-the-air). You must, however, use the OTA only on a tablet with stock ROM.

When you’re sure your gadget is the right one, you have to consider some things. They have to do with a rooted device and what an update means for such a gadget. The root access will not be there when the process ends. Neither will the tablet’s system partition. But you’ll still have these to use: internal and external SD cards as well as all of the important data.Galaxy-Tab-4-7.0-SM-T230NU


You should dedicate the next couple of minutes to some requirements:

  • the OS your laptop must be installed with is Windows;
  • all of the programs offering protection from security problems must be deactivated on your tablet;
  • the programs which do the same for your laptop should also be deactivated;
  • USB Debugging on your tablet must be activated.
  • the laptop you use must have USB drivers for the Samsung SM-T230NU installed on it;
  • charge your tablet’s battery till it’s full;
  • protect the tablet’s data by generating some regular backups;
  • a full NANDroid backup is also a good idea, so perform one afterwards.

Step by step instructions

Download time now.

  1. Get these packages on your laptop: Odin v3.09 (from this page) and the (file name: The part that comes next tells you to extract both packages with the likes of WinRar (or WinZip). The unzipping will have to be followed by this task: once Odin v3.09 is on your notebook, open it.
  2. You should then make sure to enter the tablet in Download Mode by pressing and holding Home, Power and Volume Down; while you’re doing that at the same time, be sure to press Volume Up when a boot message is on the screen.
  3. As expected, the laptop and your tablet have to enter a connection. This is performed with the USB cable that belongs to the Samsung SM-T230NU. If all goes well, Odin will start looking for the gadget; then, when it comes upon it, it will have a blue sign to put up on the display.
  4. Upon seeing it, you’ll have to add that firmware file to AP / PDA and then make sure both of these boxes are activated: F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot. Re-partition is the box that must be unchecked, so do that and afterwards tap “Start“ so that the new firmware is installed on the tablet as planned.
  5. When the latter firmware is on your tablet, its screen is going to reveal a message that should say “Pass”in a background that’s green.
  6. The next thing to happen is this: the gadget starts again, which means that only one step is left. This final step will tell you to do this: unplug the devices from one another by simply taking out that USB cable.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The KitKat 4.4.2 UEU0ANE2 official firmware can now be opened on your tablet. For that, we recommend tapping several options. They are the following: Settings and About Tablet.

If you are interested in not keeping the update firmware, the NANDroid backup will provide a way to grab the old ROM. Go where you saved it, launch it and that’s all. The only con: your gadget will end up with a revoked upgrade.

For questions, feel free to use the box below.

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