Flash KitKat 4.4 BeanStalk Custom ROM on Galaxy Note SGH-I717

Because the situation calls for it, we are offering you a guide on how to update Galaxy Note I717 AT&T to Android 4.4 KitKat via BeanStalk custom ROM.

By rewarding your Galaxy Note with an update, you will make sure that the phone gets in contact with many interesting and novel things. As in new apps, new features and tweaks to help with the customization. The battery of your handset will go through a major change, meaning that it will last more. But your device’s cam will not function properly. Other than that, no major issues will bug you from now on.


Our tutorial includes, besides the usual update steps, these requirements:

  • charge the battery of your handset;
  • download the new custom ROM from and Google apps package from (file name: pa_gapps-full-4.4-20131119-signed.zip) on your laptop or computer;
  • create backups via this tutorial;
  • install a custom recovery on your Galaxy Note SGH-I717.

As for the custom recovery that you should get for your handset, the best ones are either ClockworkMod or TWRP.Galaxy-Note-SGH-I717

The procedure for TWRP-running devices

Our guide contains two mini tutorials depending on whether your device uses the TWRP or the CWM. We will begin with the one that is aimed at a TWRP-running smartphone.

  1. Enter your phone in Recovery Mode for the first step; this should go as displayed here: switch the Samsung SGH-I717 off, press + hold, at the same time, Volume Up, Home and Power, then let go of them when the logo of the phone appears.
  2. Now make a full NANDroid backup by applying these instructions: access “Backup” then opt for all of the check boxes you will see; now swipe for confirmation. Then be sure to apply a factory reset by clicking on “Wipe” and choose “Swipe to factory reset” (which is at the display’s bottom).
  3. Next task: perform something called System Format and then tap “Wipe”. Now select Advanced Wipe followed by System. Opt for “Swipe to wipe” again.
  4. Now you should flash the update file by tapping “Install”, look for the update firmware and click on it to choose it. Confirm this via a swipe.
  5. To install the Gapps, you need to redo the steps which installed the other file. Then restart the smartphone, return to the Recovery Menu and do this: choose “Reboot“.
  6. Now opt for Reboot System Now. After the phone restarts, the Android 4.4 KitKat with BeanStalk custom ROM will take its place on it. Enjoy! If you experience a boot loop, it’s time to apply a Factory Reset like we told you to.

The procedure for CWM-running devices

  1. If your Galaxy Note SGH-I717 operates on the CWM, you need to first enter the device in Recovery Mode like this: after the phone is turned off, you have to simultaneously press and hold Volume Up, Home and Power, then let them stop when the handset’s logo pops up.
  2. For the next task you should make a NANDroid backup by opening “Backup & Restore” and then selecting “Backup”. We now advise you to make a factory reset, which is very easy to perform: choose “Factory reset/Wipe data” and confirm by tapping “Yes“.
  3. Now you should perform something known as “system format”, which should happen like this: open “mounts and storage“, opt for “format/system” and confirm by clicking on “Yes”.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]To flash the upgrade file you need to choose “Install zip“, then opt for “Choose zip from SD card” and opt for the update tool after you see where it is.
  5. In order to also install the Gapps, you absolutely must redo the steps that landed the other update firmware on your Galaxy Note.
  6. What comes after this: restart the smartphone by launching the handset’s Recovery Menu and, from there, restart your device. The smartphone is now dealing with the new KitKat 4.4 BeanStalk custom ROM! Should the Galaxy Note I717 enter a boot loop that can’t be undone, we need you to use this method: apply, again, a factory reset.

  • Janice Mosebach

    I have been using CyanogenMod version 10.1 (android version 4.2.2), and my camera and video work just fine. CyanogenMod tells owners of SGH-i717 not to upgrade to CyanogenMod version 10.2 (android version 4.2.3) because there are issues with it. If CyanogenMod hasn’t released KitKat for the Samsung Galaxy Note SGH-i717 yet, then why should I install Beanstalk 4.4+ if the “camera doesn’t function properly”? A smartphone without a camera is of no value to me. It there is an issue with the camera that is specific to SGH-i717, then owners should probably stick with android version 4.2.2 until the problem is resolved.

  • Joan Bandy

    Well, Janice, I had the opposite experience. Same phone. My camera and video crashed on 4.4.2, though everything else worked well (battery drain was an issue.) Tried 4.4.4 and camera worked fine, but problems with back soft key stability and status bar ghosting I could not get rid of. The one on xda is not yet stable enough for the public for this phone if you ask me. Too bad they don’t let anyone with less than 10 posts reply because that was a total waste of seven hours of tinkering trying to make it work. I turned off overlays and loaded fixes and am tired. Went back to 4.4.2 to try the same fixes from Polluti0ns for video and camera (two separate files) and cannot open the camera at all “cannot connect” error. So tired of this. Who thinks you can have a phone with no camera? Ugh.

    • Bob Fox

      hey i flashed beanstalk 4.42 on my sgh-i717 with the polluti0ns patch and i didn’t have any trouble at all. Camera worked fine and no random reboots. In the patch theres a few things to do, maybe that will help you. I am totally satisfied with it, i don’t know if im okay with battery life. But there are other tweaks for that, i just got to find a good one. hopefully it helps you

      • Joan Bandy

        Thanks for the follow up! Mine was stable on 4.4.4. Beanstalk. Battery life seems to have improved yesterday with some tweats to data settings rather than presets supplied. Still needing work: power butter and wake up lock still seem unresponsive or slow at times, fine at others. Echo on speakerphone (CM known issue)–cooking supper or doing dishes…love my speakerphone and am having to do without. Terrible on receivers end with echo. Makes talking on the phone while doing chores impossible. Waiting for a genius to thank on that one. Have tried volume reduction, but the receiver said it didn’t help enough.

        • Kareem .

          has there been a fix for this issue yet??

  • Joan Bandy

    PS: this one would not load from the SD card for me, I had to go back and put it on the phone’s memory.

  • Bob Fox

    the beanstalk 4.42 works great on my phone and so does the camera. i flashed Polluti0ns patch and i can’t say a bad thing about the rom. I don’t even get random reboots. I’m a bit iffy with the battery but im working on a bunch of stuff to safe it more.

  • Gabb

    Has someone discover how to get the camera work on this ROM, My camera ooooo, it just not working and I feel very bad, someone help me out, trying to down load the advance versions but the link seems corrupted and cant get it. so please help.

    Anyway thanks in advance.