Install Android 4.3 SlimBean Build 1 custom ROM on Galaxy S2 I9100G

Galaxy S2 I9100G is facing an upgrade to Android 4.3 via SlimBean Build 1 custom ROM. What you are about to experience after the right firmware is on the handset will be unparalleled to what you’ve received from it so far.

The SlimBean 4.3 Build 1 custom ROM has everything you are after in terms of performance, battery and customization improvement because its creator based it on stuff from AOKP, ParanoidAndroid, CyanogenMod and AOSP JB 4.3 ROM.


The first rule for a smooth update: requirements that you must follow. Find them below:


  1. After you have performed all that we indicated above, you should start with the tutorial by getting these files on your notebook: and the .
  2. Once you have them downloaded and saved on your laptop, time to plug the handset to the PC. From this point onward, do as follows: take the files that are on your comp and paste them to the SD card of the Galaxy S2 I9100G, then switch the handset off. The phone will have to be in Recovery Mode for the next task.
  3. While you are in the Recovery, you should make a full NANDroid backup. Which needs to be done like this should CWM be on your device: choose Backup&Restore, save a NANDroid backup file to the SD card of the smartphone, then end by confirming everything; if the TWRP is on your Galaxy S2 I9100G, then create that backup by pressing “Backup”, choosing what has to be saved and then confirm.
  4. Next operation: factory reset your phone. By doing the following in case the CWM is featuring on it: choose Factory Reset/Wipe Data and confirm. But, if the TeamWin Recovery Project has a place on your phone, you should tap “Wipe”, press “Factory reset” and confirm.
  5. Now you are prepared to flash the necessary upgrade file. To do so in case TWRP is on the handset, you need to tap “Install”, look for the update file and confirm the fact that you wish to have it flashed on the phone (by doing the following: look for a blue key at the display’s bottom and, when you spot it, swipe it).
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]To get the file on a CWM phone, you should opt for Install zip from SD card, select Choose zip from SD card and confirm the file’s flashing after you locate it. Then do the same for the flashing of the Slim-Gapps package. At the end of the two sets of installation procedure, you can go back to the Recovery Menu, then restart the phone in Normal Mode.
  7. Then wait for the upgrade file to show its home screen. When it does that: go to your Gmail, type in your details and check out the SlimBean Build 1 custom ROM. If, after a while, you feel like you don’t want the new tool, you should make use of the NANDroid backup file to restore the old ROM.

If your Galaxy S2 I9100G stays stuck in boot loops, you have to redo the tutorial from start to finish. Then everything will be in order.