Install XXAMK5 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Official Firmware on Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 T210 WiFi

Thing twice before you decide that you don’t want an updated Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 T210 WiFi. If you leave your tablet the way it is now, you won’t be able to enjoy the great stuff that arrives with an upgrade. Especially with the likes of Android 4.1.2 XXAMK5 official firmware out there. In case you’ve given a second thought to this procedure and wish to try it out, we have just the tutorial for you.

An update, just like a rooting, delivers the sort of goodies that are going to make you want to spend as much time as possible with your tablet, in particular your Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T210. Its current capabilities will be enhanced, you will get to play with new apps as well as brand new features, you shall be given tweaks to personalize your gadget, the battery that ships with it will turn into one which will last more and the general performance of your tablet is going to improve lots.


As well as giving you all the steps necessary for this update, we also have these pre-requisites for you:

  1. Your tablet should be the factory unlocked version;
  2. USB Debugging should be enabled;
  3. The battery of your device should be fully charged;
  4. You have to create backups following this tutorial;
  5. Also, make sure your PC or your laptop is installed with USB drivers compatible with your tablet.Galaxy-Tab-3-7.0-T210


  1. The time is now ripe for our steps to be unveiled. As usual, we recommend you to download some files on your notebook; here they are: the (file name: and Odin tool v3.07 available here.
  2. Each of these packages has to be unzipped next; this unzipping will present you with some files, but the most important ones to look for and keep are these: .tar.md5 and Odin 3.07.exe.
  3. After you are done with this extraction, you should do this: power the tablet off. Time for this step now: take your Samsung T210 and enter it in Download Mode. We ask that you follow these guidelines to do so: press and simultaneously hold Volume Down + Home + Power and, once the icon of Android is displayed on the screen, press Volume Up.
  4. Once the tablet is in the Download Mode, you should move on with this task: run, on your laptop or comp, the Odin as Admin, then connect your two devices between one another.
  5. As a consequence, if everything goes well, you will see a message announcing “Added!!” and a yellow ID:COM box will appear. But if there’s nothing of the sort: make use of a different USB port of flash, a second time, the USB drivers.
  6. Now, do as follows: click on “PDA“, choose the .tar.md5 file, tap “Phone” and then choose a file with MODEM in the name. Now be sure to tap “CSC” and after that opt for a file with a CSC in the name. Then click on “PIT“; choose, when and if you see it, a file with a .pit in it.
  7. Turn to Odin tool next. Then check these boxes: Auto Reboot, Repartition and F. Reset Time; the second of these boxes should only be checked if you opted for the .pit file.
  8. Now you can begin the flashing of the new firmware file by tapping “Start”. After the flashing is over, two things should happen: the tablet is going to restart and a message with “Pass” + a green-colored background should pop up.
  9. [sc name=”banner-jos”]This means the following: unplug the tablet from your laptop. This should happen because your Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 T210 WiFi is updated. And it features the Android 4.1.2 XXAMK5 official firmware together with its hidden gems!

Possible issues: However, you may see your tablet frozen in booting animation. We have this solution at hand for you: enter the gadget in Recovery Mode, select “factory reset/wipe data“, opt for “wipe cache partition” and choose Reboot System Now.

After you get rid of this problem, you can begin the adventure!