Update Nexus S I9020 to Baked Blackbean Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Custom ROM

Samsung Nexus S I9020 is now very close to receiving an update to Android 4.2.2. We have the right tool for this: Baked Blackbean. Follow this tutorial and everything will go alright.

You should be able to enjoy some great features after the Jelly Bean 4.2.2 is on your phone; here are a couple of them: Baked Settings, DSPManager, Powerwidgets and many others which will delight you on the long run.


Now take some time to pay attention to the following pre-requisites: root the device you own, get a custom recovery image while you’re at it, use the Nexus S I9020 that is unlocked by the manufacturer, look at the battery icon to see if the battery needs a recharge, create as many backups as can hold your important data, enable the option called USB debugging on the phone and turn to your laptop to flash USB Drivers for this model.Nexus-S-I9020

Important instructions

  1. This is where we introduce step one of our guide: download and GApps archive from this page on the laptop, then turn your attention to the smartphone’s USB cable, because you have to use it to connect the devices between them.
  2. In step two you should copy the Android 4.2.2 ROM archive and the other file and paste them to the memory card root of the Nexus S I9020, then, once the transfer is done, power the phone off.
  3. Now for step three you need to unplug the I9020 from the computer and then do this: switch the phone of while pressing + holding Volume Down, Volume Up and Power. The smartphone is, as a result, in the Bootloader Mode.
  4. Step four: instructions are going to pop on the display, which means that you need to follow them to be able to opt for Bootloader and to go to Recovery. Now do a full data wipe in the following manner: choose Factory reset/Wipe data with the button for Power.
  5. Afterwards you need to do what the fifth step instructs you to: opt for Wipe Cache Partition and then operate a wipe of the Dalvik cache by going to the ClockworkMod Recovery Mode, then to Advanced and then choosing the option called Wipe Dalvik Cache. After that is done, your next move is the following: return to the smartphone’s main recovery screen.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]From there, the sixth step tells you to opt for the flashing of the file using the memory card; now be prepared to select Choose zip from SD card.
  7. Step number seven will need this from you: go to the place where the Android 4.2.2 ROM zip file is, then opt for it with the same Power.
  8. Step eight will ask you to confirm the update’s flashing on your phone, then repeat these actions to install the Google Apps, too.
  9. The ninth steps will look like this: wait, first, till the files are on your Nexus S I9020, then go to ++++Go Back++++.
  10. The role of the tenth and final step is to ask you to go to the phone’s Recovery Menu and choosing the phone’s restarting. You’re now officially done with this tutorial!