Update LG Optimus LTE SU640 to CM10.1 RC4 Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Custom ROM

You finally get a chance to have an updated LG Optimus LTE SU640 to the brand new Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean version. CyanogenMod is the one providing the right custom firmware for this procedure. Its name is CM10.1 RC4. The degree of safety, stability and overall coolness of this tool will result in great performance from your smartphone.


You need to have the following requirements performed: create backups to make sure the important data on your smartphone doesn’t get lost in the process, make a backup of the internal memory data to an external SD card as well, use the Optimus LTE SU640 that is bootloader and carrier unlocked, flash USB drivers for your device on your notebook, turn on USB debugging and charge the battery of the phone.


  1. The tutorial can now start and you need to download (the file is labelled cm-10.1.0-RC4-su640.zip) and then Gapps archive from this page on your comp. Copy these two zip files and paste them to the handset’s SD card after the device is plugged to your laptop first. LG-Optimus-LTE-SU640
  2. Leave the files that are inside the zip files unzipped, then plug the smartphone from the PC. After you switch the handset off, you need to boot it into Recovery Mode by pressing and holding, together, the Volume Down and Power keys.
  3. Now’s the time to do a NANDroid backup if you haven’t done it before in our pre-requisites. Once you are finished with this step, you need to perform a number of three tasks that will wipe your phone’s system.
  4. Here we go:
    – choose Factory Reset/Wipe Data;
    – click on “Yes” so that the task is confirmed;
    – wait a couple of minutes for the data to be wiped;
    – return to the Recovery Menu;
    – opt for Wipe Cache Partition;
    – have some patience again;
    – choose Wipe Dalvik Cache.
  5. The following action to be operated is this: opt for Install zip from SD card. Follow it up with a second one: select Choose zip from SD card. Install the CM10.1 file then by first finding it and then choosing it with Power.
  6. When a second screen pops, you should confirm the flashing of the file on it, then wait for it to be on your Optimus LTE SU640.
  7. The steps we discussed in here need to be followed again, because that’s how the gapps-jb-20130301-signed.zip will be flashed on your handset. Now both of the necessary files are on the device, so you can return to the Recovery Menu.
  8. When you’ve reached that, you have to restart the phone and wait around 5 minutes for the device to boot into the CM10.1 RC4 custom ROM.

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NOTE: If this takes more than 15 minutes, you have a problem. For instance, you could see a Status 7 error warning on the touchscreen; find and install a compatible kernel on the Optimus LTE SU640 to take care of that and then flash the update firmware.

In case the smartphone is stuck in a boot loop it cannot escape from, do as follows: perform Wipe Cache Partition and afterwards Wipe Dalvik Cache; reboot the handset when done with these.

An update may not be to your taste after you get it. Should you want to regain the previous ROM of your handset, then do the following: boot into Recovery, opt for Backup & Restore and then opt for the tool from a list that will be displayed on the phone’s touchscreen.