Install ParanoidAndroid KitKat 4.4 AOSP ROM on Google Nexus 7 WiFi

Google Nexus 7 Wi-Fi is one of the best fits you could find for yourself in terms of tablets. That alone is reason enough to update it to ParanoidAndroid KitKat 4.4 AOSP ROM.

Next up, we will write a couple of words on the firmware we intend to use for your handset. The new Android 4.4 KitKat custom ROM has made a name for itself in the custom ROM branch thanks to its many merits. Basically, your tablet is going to get access to lots of tweaks which will make you customize it just how you want to, new features, new apps to try out and so on.

If the battery of your Nexus 7 WiFi has been poor so far, the update will change all of that and give you a better unit. The performance of your device, as a whole, shall go through a complete makeover. So, if you feel like this is all you’ve ever wanted, we will show you how to upgrade your tablet to the ParanoidAndroid gem.


Below you will find the pre-requisites that every tutorial out there needs:

  • root your tablet before you grab the upgrade, using this tutorial;
  • flash a custom recovery on your handset (either CWM or TWRP; in case you don’t like the idea of a custom recovery, you should get GooManager from Play Store);
  • use a Galaxy Nexus 7 WiFi that is unlocked already;
  • download, on your laptop, (file name is, for (whose file name should be and Google Apps package from here on your notebook;
  • flash USB drivers for the tablet, from here on your laptop;
  • charge your handset’s battery unit;
  • make backups, following these instructions;
  • turn on USB Debugging (from the tablet’s Developer Menu).nexus-7


You are officially all set for the update guide. The things to concentrate on from now on: our upgrade steps. Each of them plays a crucial role in the tutorial, so follow them accordingly.

  1. Your very first bit of instruction is this: look for the USB cord that arrives with your device. After you find it, use it to plug the handset to your laptop. You should leave the files you downloaded unzipped.
  2. Now do the following: move the files to the SD card of the gadget and then unplug the tablet from your notebook.
  3. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Once you are done with these first couple of tasks, you should consider the following: power the Nexus 7 off, enter it in Recovery Mode and then create a full NANDroid backup by choosing “Backup & Restore” followed by “Backup”.
  4. After the creation of this necessary backup, you have to move on by opting for something called Wipe Partition.
  5. Then be sure to choose Wipe Data Partition and afterwards go back to the Recovery Menu when you are done. Choose, when you’ve landed in that place we indicated, the option labelled “Install”.
  6. After you see where you downloaded the new Android 4.4-based custom firmware, you should confirm its flashing and then do the same for the Google Apps package.
  7. Now restart the Nexus 7. The device will then boot into the ParanoidAndroid KitKat 4.4 AOSP ROM.