Update Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 SGH-I497 to Android 4.1.2 VLAMJ2 Stock Firmware

It would be a pity to deprive your Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 I497 of the latest Android 4.1.2 official version. So things must change and change they will after you update your tablet to new firmware. Which, in this case, goes by the name of VLAMJ2. The tool is completely official and not difficult to get on your gadget.

September 2012 was the day your Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 SGH-I497 was launched officially. A way to upgrade it came this year in October. The new firmware can be installed on your tablet no matter where you live. But, as usual, you shouldn’t consider a different tablet, because you will only brick its firmware.

The KIES logo of the Jelly Bean doesn’t come activated; this should tell you that you simply can’t bring the update on your tablet if you are a fan of the KIES software. The tutorial today only functions on a tablet which runs a custom ROM and can’t be updated with OTA via the Software Update button under Settings menu.

The next thing to know about the update is that it will revoke your gadget’s root access in case the tablet has passed through a rooting procedure in the near past. Apart from this, the system partition of your Galaxy Tab I497 will be deleted soon after. The good thing is that the important data on your device won’t be erased; the internal / external SD cards of your tablet will also remain intact.

An update to the Android 4.1.2 means that your tablet will not only deal with the goodies of this OS, but also feast on the following new additions: mini apps, touch anticipation, a fixed frame rate of 60 fps, triple buffering, all share, free style widget, a new keyboard, group cast, Google Now, connect and sync email updates, extended vsync timing, pop up play and automatic adjustment for widget size.


We shall now aim for some requirements to occupy your time before the actual steps appear:

  • use only a personal comp or laptop that has Windows on it;
  • turn on USB Debugging;
  • disable, for the time being, the security programs running on the tablet and the notebook;
  • include a full NANDroid backup after you’re done with the regular one;
  • install USB drivers for the tablet from this page on the laptop or PC;
  • fully charge the tablet’s battery.Galaxy-Tab-2-10.1-I497


After you are all done with the pre-requisites portion, you should begin our tutorial.

  1. With the following request: download and Odin tool from this link on your laptop or comp.
  2. For the next step you should extract these packages after they’re saved on your device and enter your I497 in Download Mode like this: press and hold Volume Down and the same time and, when the logo of Samsung appears, you will land in the necessary mode.
  3. Your task now is the following: launch the Odin on the notebook or PC as Admin and plug the two devices to one another.
  4. When you spot a message with “Added!!” over it and an ID:COM box turns yellow, you will know that the connection has been established; if there’s something wrong and the devices are not connected to each other, you need to opt for another USB port or install, again, those USB drivers.
  5. Once the plugging is successful this time, you can tap PDA, select a file which has CODE in the name, tap Phone and opt for a file that needs to have MODEM in the name, click on CSC, choose a file with CSC in the name and then do this: after you tap PIT, you need to select a file with a .pit extension, then activate Re-partition, F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Time to help the new firmware land on your tablet by tapping “Start” and then wait for the procedure to end. This end will be announced by a rebooting tablet and a message saying “Pass“.
  7. Unplug the gadget from the laptop and, with this last step, your Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 SGH-I497 is updated! Go to the gadget’s Settings, tap About Tablet and the VLAMJ2 firmware will reveal itself.

Leave a comment in the section below this post if you have have questions or you encounter a problem during the update.

In case the new firmware feels foreign, use the NANDroid backup you made and the update will be revoked; your tablet will then be restored to its previous ROM.