Update Galaxy S3 SCH-R530C (Cricket) to Android 4.2.2 CM10.1 ROM

If your dream is to learn how to update your Galaxy S3 SCH-R530C to a different version of Android, you will find in this tutorial the means to accomplish it.

We chose to use, for this, a custom ROM called Android 4.2.2 based CyanogenMod 10.1, which is a dedicated version for the Cricket Wireless version. This is another tool which comes with some issues; but, again, don’t let them scare you, because they won’t put the gadget in danger.


Backup the Cricket device, root it (install CWM Recovery to go with it), turn USB Debugging on, charge the battery inside the gadget and install USB drivers on your laptop.

When you’ve complied with these requirements, you should go download and Google Apps package (you must choose the file labelled gapps-jb-20121212-signed.zip) on your computer. Now proceed to our tutorial below.Galaxy-S3-SCH-R530


  1. Attached you’ll find the very first step: use the USB cable that belongs to the Galaxy S3 SCH-R530C for this one; it will help you smoothly connect the handset to the laptop. That way you will find it very easy to copy the 2 files aforementioned to the smartphone’s memory card. The ending of the transfer should be marked by you unplugging the S3 from your laptop.
  2. Switch the phone off.
  3. Power, Volume Up and Home should now be pressed, at the same time, then they need to be released a bit and pressed once more; this method is useful for when you need to restart your device into CWM Recovery. Next: a NANDroid backup needs to be performed.
  4. Return to the phone’s main recovery menu. Now do the following: choose Factory Reset/Wipe Data and opt for Yes afterwards.
  5. Once the data wipe is complete, step 5 will ask you to return to the ClockworkMod recovery main menu. If you’re done, opt for Wipe Dalvik Cache; the phone is going to undergo a Dalvik Cache Wiping.
  6. Choose the installation of the archive from the phone’s memory card.
  7. For step 7 you have to opt for Choose zip from SD card. Next move: find the cm-10.1-20130221-NIGHTLY-d2cri.zip archive; press Power so that it’s selected and perform the following action to confirm the fact that you want it installed: choose Yes, then Install .zip.
  8. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Number 8 in our tutorial needs you to repeat what you just did for the sixth and seventh steps so that the GApps can also be featured on your phone. The following action to perform: return to the phone’s recovery menu.
  9. Are you there yet? Then do what step number 9 says, which is this: opt for the system restarting. The Galaxy S3 SCH-R530C will soon boot into the update.

How to go back to the stock ROM

Wondering how to have the phone go back to its old ROM? Easy.

  1. Restart the device into Recovery mode and choose Backup&Restore.
  2. A list will appear; opt for the older ROM as soon as you see it in that list.

Perform Wipe Cache Partition and Wipe Dalvik Cache should your handset go through problems such as boot and others.