Update Galaxy S2 I9100 with Jelly Bean 4.3 SlimBean custom ROM

Today we are aiming for Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 and its update to SlimBean Android 4.3 custom ROM.


We are starting off with a series of requirements:

And now off to the update steps we go!Galaxy-S2-I9100


  1. You should begin the tutorial off by downloading the (file name: Slim-i9100-4.3.build.1-OFFICIAL-909_CHANGELOG) and (file name: Slim_AIO_gapps.4.3.build.1) on your laptop and don’t unzip them.
  2. Then start their installation process and plug the handset to the notebook afterwards. You need to do that in order to transfer the zip files from the laptop to the SD card root of your GT-I9100.
  3. Unplug the handset from the notebook once the copy and paste move is over. Then switch the phone off and enter it in Recovery Mode using these tips.
  4. Here is how to create a NANDroid backup for a I9100 that runs TWRP or the CWM alternative. If there’s the first custom recovery on your device, you have to tap “Backup“, choose what data needs to be backed up and then confirm; if the CWM is on your phone, opt for Backup & Restore and employ the “backup to internal SD card” option.
  5. What you should do next: create a Factory Reset depending on the custom recovery. For the TWRP option, you need to tap “Wipe”, click on Factory Reset and confirm. For the CWM-running phone, you should opt for Factory Reset/Wipe Data and confirm.
  6. After this is over, you will learn how to install the update files on your phone. If your device has TWRP on it, tap “Install”, load the SlimBean ROM file and confirm the flashing by swiping a blue-colored key. But if there’s a CWM on your phone, you should choose Install zip from SD card, opt for Choose zip from SD card, look for the update file and confirm its flashing.
  7. The installation will take a couple of minutes to happen. Then you will have to repeat the steps above to include the Slim-Gapps zip file on the handset.
  8. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Then go back to the Recovery Menu and reboot the phone by choosing the “Restart” option.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The phone will then boot into Normal Mode. And along with that, you should see the Home Screen of the upgrade firmware appear on your handset’s display. That’s a sign which tells you that you need to go to the Gmail account and enter your details there. After you do that, you can go to the device’s “About phone”, look for the SlimBean Android 4.3 JB custom ROM and begin to play around with its features and possibilities.

But, in case you have to wait more than a few minutes for the first boot of your phone to happen, you need to do as follows: take out the battery of your device, put it back in and then redo the guide. If the handset gets stuck in a boot loop, do the same and your Galaxy S2 I9100 will be back on track.