How to Root Motorola IronRock XT626

Motorola IronRock XT626 has been going for a long time without root access. It’s time to change that. Providing the handset with that is explained in this post!

A procedure that brings a lot of benefits is something your device must really experience. The Motorola IronRock didn’t come out too long; more specifically, it was launched 2 years ago. Some specs inside it need a do over. SRSRoot is going to do that. By bringing its offerings, which are many and really useful. The phone’s processor is 1.2 GHz worth of power. You can count on its speed becoming increasingly better in no time at all. Since a rooting is needed, look for a Build ID to use on your handset. This one is very good: 5.5.1Q-391_IR_TA-26. If you have another ID on your mind, use that one. This tool is going to work with it; and it’ll also be compatible with others.

The benefits of this procedure

The SRSRoot is an app that’s powered by an SRS Server and it does its job as a free tool. Once you get it accustomed to the phone, the latter will have these to play with: new features. You aren’t going to be kept away from custom ROMs or root-only apps any longer. Also, the handset will get admin / superuser permission and battery options. These are available, too: customization tweaks. This app is an instrument that works with a large number of devices. This freeware is going to turn into an unrooting tool if you need to revoke the root access.Motorola-IronRock-XT626

Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread is the OS on your device. The OS won’t be eliminated from the smartphone. What will be is the warranty. Not for long, though. With a guide specifically made for your Motorola IronRock XT626, the warranty is scheduled for a comeback!

If you ever take the decision to update the phone, the device won’t have its root access to lean on. Neither will this handset be able to use the system partition. Important data and various other essential stuff will still be available.


These below are very much needed for the phone’s rooting. They have the power to provide root access without any incident. So do the following with your handset and laptop:

  • your laptop should launch this site;
  • after doing that, search for USB drivers which are fully compatible with your phone;
  • then download and flash them on the laptop;
  • look for USB Debugging on the handset next;
  • turn this option on;
  • the important data inside the smartphone needs to be preserved, so back it up;
  • perform a full NANDroid backup;
  • the rooting needs a laptop that features Windows;
  • the security programs inside the laptop must be turned off;
  • the security programs which arrive with your Motorola IronRock XT626 must also be turned off;
  • the handset’s battery has to be charged.

Step by step instructions

These below are steps which get your handset rooted.

  1. Begin the procedure by downloading the rooting app on your laptop. The place which provides the SRSRoot for this crucial action is this one. Soon after the page is launched, look around for a download button.
  2. This particular button has to be clicked on. When the download is finished, you will be asked to do this: install the app on the laptop.
  3. Another task will tell you to initiate the previously installed software, on that same device. Now do the following: enable a bunch of options. Menu and then Settings are among them.
  4. The next option to be tapped in the group is Unknown Sources. This one is placed under the option called Settings.
  5. When each of these three is activated, you have another option on the list. It’s one you’re already familiar with: USB Debugging. We want this step to be performed only by those who haven’t enabled this option.
  6. Then continue by plugging the XT626 and laptop to each other. That USB cord which arrives alongside the handset is the ideal tool to use for this phase. The connection between the two devices will be over real soon.
  7. After that happens, go on by allowing your smartphone to enter the most important phase; which is the rooting. Here is the option you must tap to begin the actual procedure: Root Device (All Methods).
  8. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The next thing to be done: wait until the rooting is all done in about 15 minutes. It’s possible that you experience problems with the rooting. Help comes in the form of this action: repeat the steps.
  9. You’ll then be able to concentrate on the last step. Here is what it tells you to do: restart the Motorola IronRock XT626. Activate this option to do that: Reboot System Now.

The Motorola IronRock is going to welcome the root access at long last. Immediately after the rooting is over, you will have full access to the novelties you’ve been waiting for. Are they not quite what you expected? Easy: get back to the SRSRoot and use it to take the root access away.

If you find yourself in trouble while following this guide, the comment box below is there for you.