How to Root LG Venice LG730

LG Venice LG730 has a go at a rooting tutorial. The steps that lead in that direction are all in this post!

If you’ve never tried to root your device, you should make up for it today. By providing this handset with SRSRoot, you’re also improving it. Apart from becoming a better device, the latter’s also about to have new stuff. Let’s take things one at a time, though. For the time being, it’s best you see how this tool became popular.

The benefits of this procedure

This app is free. Your 2-year-old device comes with a 1 GHz CPU which will experience faster speeds. The SRSRoot is best used with a Build ID. The version we thought was best for your phone was IMM76L. The freeware we opted for has the great benefit of supporting many different Build IDs. It also works with many Android variants.LG-Venice-LG730

The LG Venice LG730 has Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich on it. The app’s powered fully by an SRS Server. Custom ROMs, new features and root-only apps are quickly delivered by this freeware. Your phone’s battery life becomes so much better after the rooting. Admin / superuser permission is immediately joined by customization possibilities. There’s a large number of gadgets that are accepted by the SRSRoot.

If there’s any major disadvantage to rooting your handset, it’s this one: the warranty is revoked. Working with an appropriate guide will retrieve that. But as soon as you upgrade a rooted handset, the root access will be the first to get revoked. While no important data is harmed, your phone’s system partition will be erased. Other stuff that’s safe from harm: internal and external SD cards.


You will face the steps which can root the LG Venice LG730. But before we address them, you should first look at these pre-requisites:

  • if the handset has low battery levels, charge the unit;
  • USB drivers have to be featured on your laptop (they are available on this page);
  • the drivers should then be installed on the laptop;
  • the data on your LG Venice has to be saved against security issues, which is why backups are a must;
  • a full NANDroid backup is very much required next;
  • USB Debugging must be activated on the handset;
  • Windows as your laptop’s operating system is also a must;
  • the security programs installed on the phone must be disabled;
  • disable the laptop’s security programs.

Step by step instructions

There is something else you have to do for now. And that is to perform those rooting instructions.

  1. Here we have the first step. It’s best to go to this page on your laptop. Once the page is launched there, you will spot a download button. Clicking on it means the following: the SRSRoot is downloaded on the laptop.
  2. Soon after that is done, the app will need to be installed on your laptop, then launched on this device. Now that both of these actions have been performed, continue with the activation of two options.
  3. They are Menu and Settings. Tap them, then enable an option which has its location under Settings. The name it’s known as is Unknown Sources.
  4. For our upcoming step, we need you to enable, should you forgot to do it, this option: USB Debugging. This part is where you take the phone’s USB cord. With its help, the handset and your laptop will enter a much-needed connection.
  5. The creation of a plugging does not need more than a few minutes. If it’s all done, then your LG Venice LG730 will be able to face the rooting at last.
  6. To make sure the procedure doesn’t start on the wrong footing, you’ll have to enable an option. The name is Root Device (All Methods). Following this step, the whole process should not take more than the usual 10-15 minutes.
  7. If at any moment you notice a rooting whose duration surpasses the indicated amount of time, you’ll have to fix the problem. Doing that is very easy; all you have to do is redo the steps.
  8. [sc name=”banner-jos”]As soon as the smartphone finishes this stage, you can go to the phone’s Reboot System Now and turn it on. As a consequence, your device is able to start again and feature the root access.

Make time to experience the latter. You are about to discover the rooting pros we detailed above. Experimenting with them like that tells you if they’re worth it. If they’re not, one way to get rid of the root access is by unrooting the handset. That’s where, if you remember, the SRSRoot can come in handy.

Rooting the LG Venice can be problematic. Our comment box at the end of this guide will offer answers and solutions to your troubles!