How to Unroot Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500

Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 (the International version) can very well proceed into an unrooting procedure if you feel like you want to use your phone with its factory settings; or if you really want its lost warranty. The root-only apps that were on your smartphone before this tutorial won’t work anymore.

The guide we have here for you needs to be followed only if you used a rooting tutorial we wrote for our site.


Pre-requisites to apply now: make a backup using our tutorial, use a notebook that has Windows on it (or, if it uses Mac or Linux, flash CrossOver Utility), charge the battery of the smartphone, download Odin tool v3.07 and on your computer, make sure USB debugging is turned on and install USB drivers for the I9500 on your laptop.

Important instructions

  1. Now is where all the fun starts. And it does so via these tasks that make the first step: extract the files of the two archives from our requirements until you spot Odin 3.07.exe and .tar.md5 on your PC. Now switch the smartphone
  2. Step two will give the following guidelines: boot the I9500 into Download Mode by pressing and holding Home and Volume Down at the same time, press Power and then press Volume Up when you are told to.
  3. Step three: run the Odin tool .exe as Admin – use the right click method, then choose Run as administrator.
  4. Plug the Galaxy S4 I9500 to the notebook and then opt for a few files we shall indicate below (we will also tell you what buttons to press so that you can opt for these files). And off we go:
    – click on the key for PDA and choose the file which contains CODE in its name;
    – click on Phone and opt for the file which is going to have MODEM in its name;
    – click on CSC, then be sure to select the file which has CSC as part of its name;
    – click on PIT and opt for the file which is named .pit.
    Before moving on to the next step, the fifth, you should know that if none of the files from step four appears, then activate F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot if they aren’t unchecked; Repartition is another box which should be check marked, but only in case you selected the file known as .pit.
  5. Now let’s give it up for step five: hit Start; then have patience, because the installation of the firmware for our unrooting guide will begin.
  6. Step six will require patience from you once more: the handset is going to restart and PASS will appear on its display (along with a green background).
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step seven will need you to disconnect the Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 from your PC.

Having the phone’s warranty again on your smartphone is an easy to perform action. Do it so: before following our unrooting guide, find and employ “triangle way”; the latter will help the device to reset the flash counter to zero, then you have to go to step one above and follow this tutorial.

In case the message box of Odin shows you “MD5 hash value is invalid”, download the firmware for this unrooting guide again.

  • Max Schwartz

    Triangle away dont work on i9500,other way to reset flash counter?