Guide: Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Pantech Burst

Is your Pantech Burst lacking some nice features to make the whole user experience better? You can achieve this by grabbing a custom recovery image tool like ClockworkMod Recovery.

This is one of the best methods to bring new life to your handset after you just rooted it. Which means the possibility to get custom ROMs, perform flash tweaks and so on. And our tutorial is going to throw much-needed light on how to install the CWM Recovery on the Pantech Burst you own.


So as not to miss out on all the fun that this operation will bring to your smartphone, the requirements we are going to tell you about in a couple of minutes must be followed as carefully as the actual steps needed for our guide. So here they are: root the Pantech Burst with a tutorial we wrote ourselves not too long ago, then download (on your laptop running Windows) and and, finally, charge the device’s battery till its battery icon is 100% full.Pantech-Burst

We are now done with the pre-requisites. What follows is the guide we devised for the installation of the ClockworkMod Recovery on the Pantech Burst.

Important instructions

  1. In order to be on the right footing, the first step asks us to place the files (we downloaded in the requirements part of our tutorial) to the desktop. Then, after we comply with this operation, the one that follows it is this: unzip all the files from the into a dedicated folder, placed on the desktop, too.
  2. Step two goes in the following manner: take the USB cable shipping with the handset and use it as a way to plug the phone to the comp. Once the connection is done, you need to start the Command line by performing these actions: go to the Start button then search Cmd in the empty field. Next, enter:
    adb reboot bootloader
    with the help of the Command line.
  3. Step 3 prompts you to wait till the smartphone restarts and enter in the bootloader mode. When it does, you have to enter
    fastboot flash recovery cwm-
    fastboot reboot
  4. Last step: watch as this action is going to activate the flashing process of the recovery on the phone and reboot it afterwards.

The steps above were all that it took to make sure you can successfully install the ClockworkMod Recovery tool on your Pantech Burst.