How to Root Galaxy S GT-I9000

Galaxy S GT-I9000 will enjoy root access as soon as you’re done with this guide. Then, once your device has that, you’ll have many ways to see it improved. So just be sure to use the necessary handset and follow our steps!

If you want a quick rooting method, SRSRoot is the way to go. When we used this tool, we selected a Build ID called FROYO.HVJP4. If you have another one you wish to use, you can. Your smartphone’s sporting Android 2.2 Froyo; it doesn’t matter if you use this app because the latter is OK with any sort of version. And it won’t delete this variant from your device. By installing the SRSRoot on your Galaxy S I9000, your phone’s 1 GHz Cortex-A8 CPU will get loads faster.

The benefits

The rooting method we chose for your handset works equally well with other brands and it’s powered by an SRS Server. You won’t have to look hard for an unrooting app; this tool provides great help for today’s procedure. You will get to enjoy superuser and admin permission as well as new features. Having a custom ROM on your phone won’t be hard to do. Thanks to this dedicated app, your device will also receive battery tweaks and root-only apps.

If the today’s app meets a smartphone that’s already rooted, it will bring some unwanted consequences. The first of them implies the revoking of root access. Second disadvantage: the system partition will be deleted from your phone. In case your device isn’t rooted, some loss will still happen. Which means this: the handset will lose its default warranty.

The most important things on your device won’t be damaged. For instance, you’ll still have internal / external SD cards and important data to


The second part of our tutorial prepares you for the rooting. Here are the instructions which play a major role in the procedure:

  • here are USB drivers that must be downloaded on your notebook;
  • a standard backup should be generated for the protection of the data on your Galaxy S GT-I9000;
  • a full NANDroid backup should be initiated next;
  • turn on USB Debugging on your handset;
  • if the smartphone’s running low on battery, charge the device until it’s full;
  • it’s always a good idea to have Windows installed on the laptop;
  • the laptop’s security programs will need to stop working during the procedure, so turn them off;
  • turn off the security programs that are currently running on the smartphone.

Step by step instructions

The easiest part of this guide is coming up next.

  1. You will have to begin this phase by performing the following first step: open this webpage. Once you do, click on a download button to have the SRSRoot app downloaded on your notebook.
  2. Install this tool there afterwards. Then open it and don’t forget to do this: tap Unknown Sources from Settings.
  3. You may have forgotten to enable USB Debugging. If you did, tap this option now. You will then be able to move on.
  4. This certain step requires the following action from you: connect the laptop to your Samsung GT-I9000. As means of connecting the two, you’ll need the phone’s USB cable.
  5. This tool will require a bit of waiting to plug your products to one another, so wait for now.
  6. When the connection is finally established, you should also start the rooting of your smartphone. Which is something that has to be done a certain way.
  7. Here’s how: go to Root Device (All Methods) on the smartphone and click on it. Then let the procedure happen. No more than 10 minutes should pass from when the rooting begins to the moment it ends.
  8. [sc name=”banner-jos”]When the procedure is completed, your handset must be restarted. Reboot the device as instructed, then enjoy the rooted Galaxy S GT-I9000! In case you didn’t end up with root access, it’s best to just redo the steps.

If you aren’t satisfied with the possibilities delivered by a rooted smartphone, you can use the SRSRoot app to unroot it. This process won’t be difficult to accomplish. And you’ll afterwards enjoy your handset in all of its initial glory.

If you don’t understand some of our steps and you have problems with the procedure, we recommend using our comment box.