Install XXUBMI1 Jelly Bean 4.2.2 official Firmware on Galaxy Grand I9082

Galaxy Grand I9082 is in for a surprise from us today: an update to Jelly Bean 4.2.2 XXUBMI1 official firmware!

One of the best parts of this upgrade file is that it works with both the rooted and unrooted Galaxy Grand, not to mention the fact that you can get the update even if you own a smartphone which uses a kernel and one or several custom ROMs. However, if your device is rooted already, its warranty will eventually come back for you to enjoy it again.


The steps that are your ticket to the upgrade firmware landing on your Galaxy Grand will soon be unveiled. But what we must unveil before them are the following requirements:

  • make a backup or more;
  • charge the phone’s battery;
  • make sure you use either a laptop or a PC;
  • then make sure that device uses Windows as its OS;
  • turn on USB Debugging (open Settings, launch Applications, choose Development and then go straight to the USB Debugging box you have to check);
  • download the (file name: and Odin tool on your notebook or comp;
  • disable those programs which protect your smartphone and your laptop against malware, viruses and such;
  • flash USB drivers for the phone on your notebook.

Below are the steps we promised.


  1. Your computer still needs to be open for the first step of our guide. So do as follows: extract the files that are inside the update package (be sure you unzip them on the desktop of the laptop or PC you use). Then don’t forget the following: launch the Odin on the notebook and plug the phone to it; use, for this, the USB cord that belongs to the Galaxy Grand I9082.
  2. Then enter the smartphone in Download Mode; follow these instructions to do that: after you power the handset off, press and simultaneously hold Volume Down + Power + Home.
  3. Once the right mode has been reached, you should wait for “Added!!” and a yellow (or blue) ID:COM box port to signal a successful connection between the two devices of yours. When these are not there, you have to redo this part by either installing those USB drivers again or by using another USB port.
  4. For the next part, make sure you opt for PDA from Odin and then choose the new firmware archive from an upcoming window. To begin its flashing: tap START, then wait for the file to be installed. As soon as Odin displays “PASS” together with a green ID:COM box, you will know if the upgrade file was flashed.
  5. After both the message and the correct box appear, you will have to disconnect the smartphone from your laptop. Then restart the phone. The device has the XXUBMI1 firmware on it right now. And, together with it, the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean variant.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: In case you get a handset whose Odin is stuck at some point in our guide, you have to do the following: close Odin, disconnect the phone from the PC and then restart the handset by force before you redo the tutorial.

In case the phone is stuck in boot loop: get your handset in the Recovery Mode, choose Factory Reset/Wipe Data, opt for Cache Partition, go back to the Recovery and then restart the Galaxy Grand I9082.

Your job is now done and your device finally got the update it always lacked.