Install CM11 AOSP KitKat 4.4 custom ROM on HTC Droid DNA

HTC Droid DNA is going to be in for an update which will change it for the better. This upgrade is coming in the shape of CM11 AOSP ROM, a tool that is here to upgrade your phone to none other than this OS: Android 4.4 (the KitKat version).

To start on the right footing, you should be aware that there are steps which must be followed in their entirety. Before them, though, you will need to consider some equally crucial pre-requisites.

But before we get to these two, we will show you what novelties your handset will encounter after the update is performed: once the new custom ROM is featured on the HTC Droid DNA, you are going to witness many tweaks which shall give you free hand at customizing your device, you will also notice many new features, the battery of your smartphone is going to have its life prolonged so that it can perform longer than usual and the performance of your handset shall be unrecognizable.

Stability and speed will also benefit from the upgrade. Whenever you will find interesting custom ROMs that you will want to try out, you will be able to do as such with this update firmware.


And that was all for the new stuff the update file will bring. If you think they’re enough, you should consider, first, these requirements below:


  1. The update tutorial wants you to begin it by performing this action: download the and Google apps package from on your notebook.
  2. The next couple of instructions are these: turn Fastboot off by going to “Settings“, choosing “Battery“, looking for “Fastboot” and unchecking it when you come across it.
  3. Next task we have for you: enter the phone in Recovery Mode by turning it off first, then pressing and holding Volume Down, pressing Power afterwards until the handset turns itself on, let go of this key but not of the Volume Down one.
  4. After the Bootloader Mode is achieved, you should do this: when a display showing some options appears, you have to press Volume Down again, wait for Recovery to appear and choose the latter by pressing Power.
  5. After your phone is booted into Recovery Mode, you should do this: make a full NANDroid backup by going to “Backup & Restore” and then opting for “Backup“.
  6. You will now have to make a factory reset by following the next steps: opt for “Factory Reset/Wipe Data“, confirm this by choosing “Yes” and then continue with the next step.
  7. Which should be the flashing of the update file on your HTC Droid DNA. We recommend you to do this by opting for “Install zip from SD card“, then follow this up by selecting “Choose zip from SD card“, look for the ROM file where you saved it and make sure you opt for it when you spot it.
  8. [sc name=”banner-jos”]You will now need to install the Gapps file, as well, so do this by retracing and redoing the steps which you had to use to install the KitKat 4.4 custom ROM.
  9. Once the smartphone has both files installed on it, you can restart the phone by taking this route: return to your handset’s Recovery Menu and, when you see “Reboot System Now“, choose it. The HTC Droid DNA is going to reboot into the CM11 AOSP custom ROM.

Which translates into this: the possibility to finally experience all of the goodies an update comes with!

But, if the tutorial doesn’t go well and your handset manages to get into a boot loop, you should do as follows: apply a factory reset.