Install CM10.1 Alpha Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Custom ROM on Galaxy W GT-I8150

Galaxy W I8150 is up for an update! By using CM10.1 Alpha custom firmware, you should be able to experiment with an updated smartphone. The latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean is the OS which you will enjoy once you follow our tutorial.

From what we could see, there were only one or two bugs on this tool, but they were minor ones; and besides, the developer will be sure to get rid of them in the near future.


If you’re all set up for the guide, you should now look at these requirements: charge the battery of the smartphone, flash USB drivers for the handset on your laptop, turn on USB debugging, create backups using our instructions (a backup of the internal memory to a dedicated hard drive via a memory card is also a good thing to perform) and use the Galaxy W GT-I8150 that is fully unlocked.galaxy-w-gt-I8150


  1. The CM10.1 Alpha Build 5 JB 4.2.2 custom ROM (the file is labelled ) and Gapps archive (you should choose the archive labelled have to be downloaded and saved on your notebook for the first stage of this tutorial.
  2. Then make it possible for the handset and the PC to plug to one another with the USB cable of the former. Transfer the files from the comp to the SD card root of the phone and then unplug it from your laptop.
  3. Power the Galaxy W I8150 and enter it in Recovery Mode by doing the following: press and hold together Volume Down, Volume Up and Power; the display of the smartphone should flash next, which indicates this: let go of those three keys and instead opt for a couple of options which will help your phone operate some much-needed wiping actions.
  4. The one to start with is this: choose Factory Reset/Wipe Data. When done, tap on “Yes”, which will confirm the task, then go back to the Recovery Menu after the task is done. Second operation of wiping will need you to select Wipe Cache Partition. The last wiping task looks like this: opt for Wipe Dalvik Cache. Have patience until you see all of these actions finish, then continue our guide.
  5. By doing as follows: opt for Install zip from SD card.
  6. Another option that will have to be chosen is Choose zip from SD card. Then, with the help of Power, select the custom ROM file. After you perform a confirmation, the firmware is going to be flashed on your Galaxy W GT-I8150 very soon.
  7. To also install the Google Apps package, your task should be made of the following recommendation: do exactly what you just did for this paragraph; of course, opt for the Gapps archive and not the other one.
  8. Since both of the files are now part of your smartphone, be sure to return to the Recovery Menu. That’s the place where you should find and choose the system restarting option. As a consequence of this action, the device shall boot into the CM10.1 Alpha Build 5.

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As soon as the new ROM is present on your handset, it’s very likely that you can see the latter stuck in a boot loop.

If that happens, or the phone is stuck in a logo as well, you have to perform Wipe Cache Partition, Wipe Dalvik Cache and then reboot the Galaxy W I8150.

If you want to have access to the old ROM, you can do so by booting the phone into Recovery first, then opting for Backup&Restore and afterwards choosing that ROM from a list that will pop on the screen.