Google Drive for Android receives important update

Drive app for Android has underwent a very important update earlier today. It is called Drive 1.2 and there are many new features to appeal to users of Android-running devices. The OS version that is supported by this tool is Android 2.1 or later.

After you grab the improved app from Play Store, you will be bombarded with things like visual improvements, a fresh grid view in order to locate a file at a faster rate, no more bugs, the possibility to download a copy of a file (or more) to your smartphone or tablet, improved quick preview which allows the user to look at various files from the app itself, the option to have a look at a file’s properties from the editor, a spreadsheet editor which offers support for all sorts of modifications (done to colors, fonts and so on) and the possibility to scan a document in order to keep it saved on the Drive app as a PDF. google-drive-android

You can also scan a document with your device’s camera for later use with the help of something called OCR, or Optical Character Recognition.

The fact that you won’t be seeing the bug problems which were present on the previous version is a very welcome change. Also, the possibility to change font size, colors and so on when editing a spreadsheet is a major improvement.

All in all, the new Google Drive app will, according to its creators, help people who wish to easily view and edit stuff while they are on the road. And they will be able to do that in style, because the app’s user interface has been made even more appealing and easy to use. Google themselves have announced that the app is going to sport a clean style reminiscent of a card.

The updated Google Drive 1.2 app is still free to download and use, so !