Guide: How to unroot Dell Streak 7

We recently penned a guide on how to root Dell Streak 7. And, as usual, we want to offer you now a tutorial on how to unroot this same tablet. Once you do this procedure, you are going to enjoy official updates as soon as the manufacturer releases them.

But in order to make it so, you need to comply with the usual bunch of pre-requisites. They include everything that’s crucial to the well-being of your Streak 7 before you unroot it (and afterwards).

They are as follows: this tablet needs to have been rooted with our tutorial and you have to , Stock Recovery and Fastboot. If you’re worried about losing the warranty, the fact that you rooted the Streak 7 with a guide written by us will help you get it back.Dell-Streak-7

How to install Stock Recovery

  1. Here’s how to get on your tablet. After you grabbed all of the files mentioned earlier, you have to find them a spot on your laptop’s desktop.
  2. Then, the files contained in the need to be extracted to the same location and you have to use Power to switch the gadget off.
  3. Now restart the tablet and get into the Fastboot mode; for this: you must keep pressed for about 5 seconds the Volume Down and the Power keys.
  4. Take the USB cable and plug the tablet to the comp; when this is complied with, you need to activate the Command line on your laptop. This is doable with the help of the following action: go on Start, then search Cmd in the search field.
  5. Next: enter
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    via the Command line. “recovery.img” needs to be replaced with the real name of the recovery image file.
  6. Afterwards you are required to enter
    fastboot reboot

This will reboot the Dell Streak 7. This makes way to the following process: the unrooting of the tablet.

How to unroot the tablet

  1. [sc name=”banner-jos”]To start on the right footing, you should, for step 1, give a different name to the original ROM file; rename it as update.pkg and then follow this up by connecting the tablet to the laptop. Move the Stock ROM into the root directory on your tablet.
  2. Step 2: disconnect the devices once the transfer ends and then switch the Streak 7 off (use Power for this phase).
  3. Step number 3: restart the Streak 7 and get into the Recovery Mode via the same method; keep pressed for about 5 seconds the Volume Down and the Power keys, then click on the second option called “Software upgrade via update.pkg on SD Card“. Now you’re good to go with the next step: tap on Power.
  4. Step 4: the gadget will unroot.
  5. Step 5: a confirmation is going to come on-screen after the process is done.

If you decide to root the device again, here is the best method to do it.