Guide: How to root Dell Streak 7

If we were to choose a way to have Dell’s Streak 7 rooted in a matter of minutes, we would opt for a little something which is known as SuperOneClick among developers and people who love to have their devices rooted. This method that we thought as best for a certain gadget will reveal its secrets in our tutorial today. First, though, the gadget at hand is going to need to pass some pre-requisites. And we made a roundup of them after the jump.


Requirement number one has to be this one: turn off each and every security program that is pre-installed on your Windows laptop and install the ADB USB drivers. Number two: activate the USB Debugging (it’s all in the Settings option of your device) and make a couple of backups (or only one if you know how to do such things).

Pre-requisite number three should be the following: make sure that the battery of the device us charged 100% (or over 60%). And remember: use only the Dell Streak 7 to employ our guide in the correct way.Dell-Streak-7

Important instructions

Which guide looks like this:

  1. Step one will need you to download and unzip all the files it contains into a dedicated directory. When the extraction is done, the next operation to perform is to open SuperOneClick.exe.
  2. [sc name=”banner-jos”]For the second step you have to use the gadget’s USB cable to have it plugged to your comp. Now you should tap on Root in SuperOneClick; this is going to start the rooting process in a second.
  3. Step number three: you need to wait until a popup appears on the display of the tablet; when you spot it, it will imply that the root happened as planned.
  4. For the fourth step you are required to wait for the SuperOneClick tool to initiate the installation for the BusyBox and Superuser app. And that’s all, your Dell Streak 7 is now rooted (a small note here: you may see that something goes wrong while the rooting is under way; in that case, don’t panic: simply reboot the tablet and do again what you just did, starting with step number one).

A second short note from us to you. Once the Dell Streak 7 is rooted, you will want to find Superuser. The case may be, that you cannot see it anywhere. When that happens, just keep your calm and do the following: go to Android Market, . After that you need to install it. And that will solve your problem right then and there.

If you have problems or you want to get back to the original Stock ROM, you can unroot the tablet using this guide.