How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace II x GT-S7560M

Galaxy Ace II x GT-S7560M will hit up a storm after it’s rooted. Time to perform this procedure if you’ve never had root access on your phone!

If a device gets introduced to an app called SRSRoot, especially yours, you’ll see how much it improves. If your phone’s battery levels are running low after just a few hours, this tool will make sure this doesn’t happen anymore. Once the battery performs better, the CPU will do the same. The 1 GHz processor inside the handset is going to deliver faster speeds on the whole.

The SRSRoot is the app of choice thanks to other goodies. It works with many different Build IDs; this guide uses IMM76I.S7560XXAME9. Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich is the phone’s OS. The new tool won’t mess with it, though; that’s due to the fact that the app is compatible with numerous Android variants.galaxy-ace-ii-x-GT-S7560M

The benefits of this method

If your phone, also known as Samsung Galaxy Trend S7560, needs to be unrooted, this application will easily help with that. An SRS Server powers this app. The latter provides your device with custom ROMs and many new features. With it on-board, your smartphone’s going to sport root-only apps as well as customization options.

Different brands can use this app for rooting purposes. There are other things to look forward to once the handset’s rooted: both admin and superuser permission.

If the smartphone is rooted, it will surely lose its warranty.

An update may appeal to you once your Galaxy Ace II x GT-S7560M is rooted. But be warned: both the phone’s system partition and root access will be affected. To escape damage are all the other important parts inside your handset; this includes its internal / external SD cards and data.


With the rooting so close, one more thing should be done before you start the procedure. Here’s what is expected of you:

  • generate one or more regular backups for the phone’s data;
  • then create a full NANDroid backup with the help of these instructions;
  • to be successful with our guide, your notebook must be running Windows;
  • the security software running on the notebook have to be deactivated till you’re done with the rooting;
  • check and see whether your Galaxy Ace II x GT-S7560M is in need for a full charge for its battery;
  • if that should be the case, have it fully charged;
  • download, on your notebook, USB drivers for your smartphone;
  • enable the smartphone’s USB Debugging;
  • have the notebook’s security software turned off, too.

Step by step instructions

Once the requirements above are completed, proceed to our rooting steps.

  1. Begin by getting the SRSRoot app download on your laptop. The address where you can find this tool at is this. There you will see a download button. Click it, then wait for the laptop to receive that app.
  2. Install the tool on the notebook. When done, open it. Now open Settings on the phone. After that, launch an option under it; if you don’t see it, it’s the one called Unknown Sources.
  3. Did you forget to activate USB Debugging? If you have, you can do it after you’re done with the previous task. Next action to be performed: generate a connection between your smartphone and the notebook.
  4. Wait a couple of minutes till the plugging is achieved. If nothing happens, try repeating all of our steps from the first one to this one.
  5. As soon as a plugging is initiated, you will be required to do as follows: start the rooting. But this will only happen when you tap the right option. Which is the following: Root Device (All Methods).
  6. Look for it, then activate it as mentioned. The rooting is going to begin as soon as you click this particular option on the phone. As always, have some patience till you are witnessing the end of the process.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]If about 15 minutes have passed from the moment you tapped that option, the procedure is over. This means the following: make sure the phone starts again.
  8. For that, choose its Reboot System option. After you’ve enabled that, wait some more. After the device goes through a reboot, you will have a rooted phone to discover!

Once root access is delivered, have a go at the novelties we promised would land on your Galaxy Ace II x GT-S7560M. Remember to use the SRSRoot if you want an unrooted phone.

Below this post is a comment section. Make use of it if you trouble performing today’s rooting.

  • Bort

    after going through 3 root tests 4, 4b (both failed) and 5 it finally gets to recovery stage, seems to do something then fails. IT DOES NOT WORK WITH ACE 2X. In fact the Ace 2 is not even on their list of tested devices!

    • Catalin Nichita

      This model is on their list:

      • Ahmed abidi

        when i do it it reboot all the time

    • TMAN

      Check your build number. Mine is in fact different from the one in that tweet 🙁