Install Avatar Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Custom ROM on LG Optimus G

Finally, here is your chance to update your LG Optimus G to Android 4.2.2 the Jelly Bean version. We’ve recruited the help of Avatar custom ROM.

The tutorial containing the requirements and steps needed for a smooth and safe transition to the newest Android needs to be read with utmost attention. Because if you miss even one step, you will not be able to enjoy the features of the Android 4.2.2 JB. If you want the Avatar custom ROM on your LG Optimus G, then be prepared to have its warranty gone. Should you want it back, do this: downgrade the handset to stock Android.


Here are the pre-requisites we mentioned briefly: root your smartphone and get a good custom recovery image – like CWM Recovery – on it after that, take to your handset and laptop so that you can disable every single security software they both come with, create backups that will make sure your most valuable data doesn’t get lost after the guide, turn on USB debugging on the phablet, use a laptop and the phone’s USB cord for this tutorial, perform a NANDroid backup as well to be on the safe side and charge the battery of the phablet if it’s empty.LG-Optimus-G-E973

How to flash Avatar Custom ROM on LG Optimus G

Then there are the steps we discussed in the above paragraphs. We are giving them out to you now.

  1. For starters, make sure you find the (the file is labelled then, when you spot it, download and save it on your comp. After that step is over, you need to follow a second one next: locate, then download, a second package known as Google Apps from here on the same notebook; save it there, too, then leave the two zip files unzipped.
  2. The phablet and your PC will be able to be plugged to one another only if you use the handset’s USB cable for this process.
  3. After you’ve glued the devices to one another, you will have to take both of the packages that are on the notebook and send them over to the SD card of the Optimus G. After they are in a new place, you should unplug the phone from the laptop and switch the former off.
  4. As soon as it’s in this stage, you need to reboot it; here is how: press Volume Down a couple of time and then press Power. Now that the phablet is in Recovery Mode, you need to stay in this mode for the next couple of actions. The first of them asks you to opt for Factory Reset/Wipe Data; the second of them tells you to choose Wipe Cache Partition, then go back to the main menu.
  5. Once you are in that spot, you should opt for Install zip from SD card, then for Choose zip from SD card. After you are done, take the update file, apply the same and then wait for the process to finish.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Repeat what you just did so that the Google Apps is installed on the Optimus G. Go to the Recovery menu, restart the device and you will have finished the guide. The Avatar custom ROM has now made it possible to experience the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean on your LG Optimus G.

NOTE: But if you really dislike the new ROM, you can get the old one back by going to the Recovery Menu, selecting Backup & Restore, then Backup and after that grabbing the ROM you want from a list.

If the smartphone experiences a boot loop, solve the problem like this: reboot the device into Recovery Mode and wipe its system. When you are done, you need to reboot the phablet into the Avatar custom ROM.

  • Brian Souki

    It’s the first time when I install a custom ROM on my smartphone. After a day from installation, the device is stable and faster, compared with the stock ROM. Thank you guys for your great work!