How to unroot Dell Streak 5

As soon as we spot a way to root or unroot a certain gadget, we run quickly and brag about it on And we’ll do the same today, because we now know how to help our readers unroot their Dell Streak 5. So if you happen to own this tablet, stick close for detailed info on this matter.

Requirements are now in order before moving to the tutorial we have in store for you. So charge the gadget until the battery icon says 100% life and remember if you rooted the Streak 5 with one of our tutorials or not. If you did, then you can follow the steps required for its unrooting.

Important instructions

  1. The first step of the bunch tells you that you need to download the following 3 files: ,  and . When you are done, you have to install Stock Recovery. Just move the archives downloaded earlier to your laptop then unzip the Fastboot archive into a dedicated directory. Switch the Streak 5 off (press on Power for this), restart the device then get into Fastboot mode (you must press the buttons for Power and Camera simultaneously).
  2. Once here you must opt for the Fastboot mode, plug the Dell Streak 5 to the comp, start the Command line (using the Start > Cmd method), enter “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” via the Command line (then modify the “recovery.img” part with the real name of the necessary recovery image) and write “fastboot reboot“.Dell-Streak-5
  3. After these actions comes step number 3: once the rebooting procedure finishes, you need to give another name to the Stock ROM file. Baptize it update.pkg and plug the tablet to the comp again (with the aid of the USB cable).
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step number four needs you to move the update.pkg archive to the root directory of the phablet’s internal storage and then, when the transfer ends, unplug the tablet from the laptop.
  5. For the fifth step you are required to switch the Streak 5 off (the key for Power is the one to use here). Now simply restart the phablet and access the Recovery Mode by simultaneously selecting the keys for Volume Down, Volume Up and Power.
  6. Step number six should look like this: opt for “2. Software upgrade via update.pkg on SD Card” from the Menu. Afterwards you need to tap on Camera.
  7. Step 7 is all about the tablet debuting its unrooting phase that won’t last longer than a couple of seconds.