How to root Acer beTouch E130

If you ask around for impressions on Acer’s beTouch E130, not many people will know what you mean with these names. But if you dig further, you will find out that this device is a smartphone. And, even if there are not many who own such a product, you can be sure that someone somewhere found out how to root it.

The method that a developer found is called single-click. So be sure to use this tool should you plan on making the phone here capable of installing non Android Market apps and other goodies.


If you have never ever rooted a gadget, here is what you need to prepare for this tutorial. First requirements are: charge the battery of the beTouch E130 and perform a full backup. Then, for the second pre-requisite to fully work, you need not panic if you see that the phone’s warranty will disappear.

You can regain access to it once more if you do a quick search online on how to do it. Having said that, below is what you have to do to root this phone as successfully as possible.Acer-beTouch-E130

Important instructions

  1. First step our tutorial contains is this one: on the laptop you use. Then move the APK file in a dedicated folder on your laptop and perform a connection between smartphone and the laptop the via the former’s USB cable.
  2. For step two you will be required to move the z4Root APK file. You must choose the root directory featured on the beTouch E130 and, at the end of the copying phase, unplug the two devices one from the other.
  3. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step three needs you to activate the USB Debugging (not sure how to perform this type of action? Just go to the phone’s Menu, tap on Settings, choose Applications and Development next. Now tick the checkbox that sits close to the option called USB Debugging and move on to the next operation).
  4. For the fourth step do the following: go to Menu, then opt for Settings, tap on Security and choose Unknown sources. Now launch File Manager.
  5. Step 5 looks like this: click on the APK file and wait for it to get installed.
  6. Step number 6: open it from its Menu after the installation ends and tap on Root while in the application.
  7. In the seventh step, the rooting will commence and you will need to reboot the Acer beTouch E130. After the phone reboots, it is going to be rooted and ready to receive all kinds of treats for you to experience.

If you decide to unroot your device, you can follow our dedicated tutorial, as usual.