Upgrade Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE N5120 to XXBME1 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Official Firmware

A lot of gadgets will perform better if they get an update, and Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE GT-N5120 is no exception to the rule. If you fancy something like this happening to your tablet, then the recommend an update to the fresh Android 4.1.2 with this tutorial. We are using official firmware that is known under the name of XXBME1.


Like in our previous guides, you will be subjected to some pre-requisites before we dig deeper into the tutorial. So here you go: fully charge the battery of the tablet, use the Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE GT-N5120 which comes carrier + bootloader unlocked, flash USB drivers for your gadget on your laptop, turn on USB debugging, make a backup or more of the data on your device (backup the data on the internal memory, too, on an external SD card) and use a notebook which boasts Windows (or use CrossOver Utility in case the OS is a different one).Galaxy-Note-8.0-N5120

Requirements aside, what comes next will help bring the update on your Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE GT-N5120.


  1. Two zip files should be flashed on your comp, and they are and Odin tool v3.07. Then have their content unzipped on the same device.
  2. The tablet needs to be booted into Download Mode afterwards; which is performed like this: press and hold Volume Up and Power at the exact same time. The mode will be reached once you spot the Android logo. You can now right-click on odin.exe and after that on “Run as administrator” (from the gadget’s context menu); this is required so that the tablet’s Odin 3.07.exe runs as an Admin for the rest of the guide.
  3. We now have the following instruction: plug the tablet to your laptop and wait for some signs which will tell you if that worked. These are the signs: a number (the COM port) in yellow and “Added!!” on the screen; should this have failed, flash the USB Drivers again or use a different USB port.
  4. However, if the procedure turned out to actually be successful, do the following:
    – click PDA and have the file with CODE in it chosen;
    – click Phone, then opt for a file with MODEM in its name;
    – click CSC and immediately after that select the file which has CSC in its name;
    – click PIT and opt for .pit.
  5. If you are done with the above, move on with the tutorial by choosing the following three options: Repartition, Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time. The first of the options needs to be selected if, and only if, you opted for the .pit file.
  6. The official firmware required for your tablet’s update will start its installation phase as soon as you tap START. Have a little bit of patience, then, when the flashing is over, do as follows: wait for the tablet to reboot and then to show you PASS (+ a background in green). Then disconnect the devices from one another.

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The gadget has been updated to the Android 4.1.2 JB through XXBME1. The presence of the firmware can be checked if you go to the device’s “About tablet” setting.

If everything is in order, then have fun with the Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE GT-N5120. But, if you see that the tablet is stuck into infinite boot loop, you will need a guide on how to solve that.

Here is how it goes: when you’re in the Recovery Mode, you have to perform Factory Reset/Wipe Data, Wipe Cache Partition and afterwards opt for the system restarting. No more trouble for you.