Update Galaxy S2 X T989D with TLUMC4 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Official Firmware

Samsung Galaxy S2 X T989D is capable of being flashed with TLUMC4 official firmware so that you can enjoy Android 4.1.2 on it. There is absolutely no need for you to root your phone for this guide.


The only requirements you have to mind are the following: use a PC that has Windows (or, if you use Mac or Linux, get a tool called CrossOver Utility), turn on USB debugging, use the handset that is factory unlocked, create a backup using this guide and charge the battery of the smartphone. Install, as always, USB Drivers fit for the handset on your comp.

Important instructions

  1. The number one step to follow is to download, on the PC you have in front of you, and Odin tool 3.07.
  2. Step two instructs you that it’s best to afterwards unzip the content of both files and expect the following files (among others): .tar.md5 and v3.07.exe. When you spot them, power the Galaxy S2 X SGH-T989D off.
  3. The following step, number three, tells you to enter the smartphone in Download Mode by pressing + holding Home, Volume Down and Power; after the Android logo pops on the display, press Volume Up. Run the Odin tool .exe as Admin like this: right-click, when in contextual menu, on the Odin tool file and then choose the option labelled Run as administrator.Galaxy-S2-X-T989D
  4. Step four needs you to take your Galaxy S2 X T989D and plug it, via its USB cord, to the computer. As soon as “Added!!” + a COM port with a yellow-colored number appear, you have to move on to the next task; but, if none of the above happens, then remedy the situation by either re-installing the USB Drivers or making use of another USB port. Your next task is the following:
    – click on PDA and then opt for a file with CODE in its name;
    – click on Phone and see if a file with MODEM in its name pops up; if it does, select it;
    – click on CSC; choose the file that has CSC as part of its name;
    – click on PIT and wait for .pit to appear; when that happens, opt for it.
    Now check mark these two: F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot.
  5. Activate Repartition, as well, but only if you opted for the .pit file from the previous step. When done, hit Start.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step six will require you to wait for the handset to reboot after the installation of the firmware is over; that will happen successfully only if PASS and a green image are seen on the screen.
  7. For the seventh step you should disconnect the Galaxy S2 X T989D from your laptop and go to “About phone“; the TLUMC4 will be there for you to check out. Now go and have fun with the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and its many goodies.

The procedure we just described in today’s tutorial may or may not be free of issues. If you do experience them, in particular being blocked at booting stage animation, you can do something about it. Which is the following: go to the phone’s Recovery Mode, perform both Factory Reset/Wipe data followed by Wipe Cache Partition. The final step is to restart the device.

  • Uzer

    Do I have to choose the same file in the folder as there is only one file when you unzip it?

    • Catalin Nichita


  • ralph2000

    Hi, i did all the steps in your recommended order, everything was ok.
    One single problem: when i make a call, the other person doesn’t hear me properly, he hardly distinguishes the words.

    Any ideas?
    I tried the cm10, cm9, i flashed the radio patch but nothing, it’s only working ok with the ics koodo stock firmware.

    • Catalin Nichita

      Are you sure your phone is not physically damaged?

  • eric

    hi,the firmware link cant download