Tutorial: How to Root ZTE Fury

ZTE Fury is yours for the rooting with this tutorial. What we expect of you can be summed up like this: read everything you see in this guide carefully; that is, pay attention to both the requirements and the steps that represent a big part of it. If you stray from even one of them, your smartphone will not root. Or it will experience problems that will require a visit to a repairman.

The very affordable ZTE Fury uses Android as its major spec; “major spec” because the device is not equipped with that many revolutionary specifications and features. But what it does ship with works without a problem. And the performance is overall good, with no freezing to account for. So, to make the phone fare better, a rooting should be performed. That’s the sole solution that will solve your handset’s shortcomings.


And, to perform this procedure, you will first need the pre-requisites we talked to you about not too long ago. Once you do as they bid you to, your smartphone will be ready for the steps that come afterwards. Here are the requirements: charge the battery of the Fury, make a backup (that should contain the data that’s now on the phone) and download and on your laptop.ZTE-Fury

If, at the end of this tutorial you see that there is no warranty left on your smartphone, don’t go crazy. The warranty will return if you unroot the handset with a tutorial found on our site.

Important instructions

The steps we promised we would attach to our guide are the ones below.

  1. For step one to go pain-free, you should place the two files from above, the Poot Debug APK and the Ministro APK, on the desktop of your laptop. Then, once they are in that specific location, you will have to plug the ZTE Fury to your comp; the USB cable of the phone is the tool you should be using for this task.
  2. Step two will then prompt you to do the following: copy the APK files from the desktop and paste them in another place, which should be the handset’s SD card.
  3. For the third step you need to wait for the transfer of the files to be over. Then, when that’s done, you will have to disconnect the devices from each other.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step four arrives with the following tasks: launch, on your ZTE Fury, File Manager. After that is opened successfully, your next action should be this: install the Ministro APK and then the Poot Debug APK on it, then go to the phone’s App Drawer, look for the Poot app and open it.
  5. Look for a button that says “Press here to poot” and, when you’ve spotted it, tap it. Now wait for the latter operation to start downloading files.
  6. For step six you should notice a couple of prompts appear on the display of the smartphone; follow every single one of them. The ZTE Fury is now rooted. Look, in the App Drawer, for an app that should be called Superuser. If it’s where we said it would be, then the rooting didn’t go badly.

  • Ben

    Everytime I tap click “press here to poot” it just freezes Im following these instructions exactly as written.

  • james

    Same happens to me… the phone freezes when I click the press here to root.

  • cesar

    my phone freezes when i press poot??

  • Kenny

    Did this work for anyone???