How to Root Motorola XPRT MB612

Motorola XPRT MB612 is one of the many gadgets SRSRoot can work on. When this app reaches your phone, changes will immediately appear. Having them on-board means an improved device overall. Their presence is guaranteed by the app we mentioned. If you want to have a better phone, let us show you the way to get it.

Your handset has a lot to gain from a rooting. The operation that we want you to try out comes with disadvantages, too. Let’s get them out of the way. After your device discovers root access, its warranty will no longer serve it. Here’s the good stuff: a restoration is available for the warranty.


The benefits of this procedure

To have access to it, you need a tutorial that’s only suitable for your device. If you find a tutorial on how to upgrade your Motorola XPRT MB612, you have to know what’ll happen afterwards. The update procedure is capable of erasing the handset’s system partition. The smartphone will be parted from its root access next. The damage will not extend to its internal / external SD cards. Neither will you lose the important data you keep on the phone.Motorola-XPRT-MB612

Let’s now get back to the rooting. As previously stated, we are going to use the SRSRoot app today. This tool, which comes for free, is powered by an SRS Server. It is also available as an unrooting instrument. The handset operates Android 2.2.2 Froyo. Because this app will soon be on it, this operating system won’t go anywhere. If you’re using another device with this app, whatever Android version is on it will also stay there. The app supports every Android version.

Almost 3 years have passed since the phone’s been launched. Its 1 GHz Cortex-A8 processor will soon deliver a faster speed. With the freeware on it, the handset has the opportunity to enjoy custom ROMs. Root-only apps are also offered; as are admin and superuser permission together with new features. Security problems and bloatware are both unheard of. Make sure you root the phone after choosing a Build ID. It doesn’t matter the one you opt for. We selected KRNS-X4-1.1.10. Customizing the handset is another benefit you get via the SRSRoot. The app is beneficial for many devices, too.


Great things are coming your way. And they’ll become available once the phone’s ready. Prepare the device by doing the following:

  • first, go to this address with your notebook;
  • USB drivers are there and they need to be downloaded on the previously mentioned device;
  • then make sure the same drivers are installed on it;
  • USB Debugging will need an activation on your phone, so perform that by tapping this option;
  • a backup or more are a must, so be sure to perform them for the phone’s data;
  • now generate a full NANDroid backup;
  • Windows should be located on the notebook;
  • those security programs enabled on your phone must be turned off at once;
  • the security programs that are now running on your notebook are also to be disabled;
  • the Motorola XPRT has a battery which must be fully charged for a rooting.

Step by step instructions

  1. The first step we need you to perform is done like this: download the SRSRoot on the notebook. The latter should have this page launched on it. After that address is made available online, click on its download button.
  2. This action will make sure the app’s on your notebook. Next, install the rooting tool there and open it.
  3. We have this next task for you: enable Menu and Settings on the smartphone. Under the last option you tapped, another one will appear; its name is Unknown Sources. Tap it, too.
  4. After that, activate this: USB Debugging. It’s that option you have to turn on for the previous group of pre-requisites.
  5. If you tapped it back then, no need to perform the step we just mentioned. The smartphone’s USB cord has to be grabbed. That is due to its importance for this next step. Here’s what to do with that cable: use it to plug your handset to the notebook.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The connection will be established in the blink of an eye. When the procedure is completed, all you have to do is activate this: Root Device (All Methods). The Motorola XPRT MB612 is now going to enter the rooting phase. Allow 13 minutes for this; if these minutes turn into 20 or more, you’ll need to redo the steps.
  7. Upon completing the rooting, your Motorola MB612 needs to restart. Tapping Reboot System Now will do that for you. After the smartphone is seen rebooting, you’ll have the chance to witness the root access with your own eyes.

If you somehow don’t see the appeal of that, you have the SRSRoot to turn to; the app will successfully unroot the handset.

This guide of ours contains a comment box. Turn to it in times of trouble.