How to Root Motorola Defy Pro XT560

A rooting for your Motorola Defy Pro XT560? That’s what you’ll find in here!

Root access has to be delivered on your phone by SRSRoot. We found this app to be full of great stuff and easy to use. The download happens for free. There is no bloatware to expect from this app. When your phone finally gets accustomed to it, it will enjoy numerous changes. One of the most important ones: options for a longer battery life. Then comes the fact that your phone’s 1 GHz CPU can finally deliver faster speed.

2 years have passed since the handset was unveiled. As such, novelties are a must to get it up-to-date. One of the first of them: the presence of custom ROMs. Apart from these, the device gets to welcome new features and methods to customize it.

The benefits of this procedure

Once this tool is an important part of the phone, you’ll get to use root-only apps. Admin permission and superuser permission are added, also. The operating system sitting inside the phone is Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. Your smartphone cannot lose this OS. The SRSRoot will make sure it’s still there at the end of the procedure. The many Android versions Google has come up with are all supported by the freeware.Motorola-Defy-Pro-XT560

We mentioned zero bloatware for the phone. The rooting app also has no security threats for your Motorola Defy Pro XT560. The SRSRoot is powered by an SRS Server. This tutorial used V1.66A as a Build ID. You are fully allowed to use another one.

The app works extremely well not only with your Motorola Defy Pro XT560, but with many other products, too. The handset you own is part of the large number of gadgets that are compatible with this tool.

You need to also consider the bad sides of using this app. It won’t stop your smartphone’s warranty from being revoked. After such a thing happens, only a guide will have this element restored.

If you’re about to look for update material, the root access is the first to be affected. The other damaged element is the system partition. The important stuff contained by your Motorola Defy Pro XT560 stays, also.


Your laptop and phone must enter a stage where preparations are essential. The latter are known as pre-requisites and you cannot move directly to the rooting without performing them. Do the following:

  • go look for phone-appropriate USB drivers here;
  • download the lot on your laptop;
  • install the bunch of drivers on it, too;
  • your smartphone’s USB Debugging has to be tapped;
  • several standard backups play a very important role, which is why you should create a couple;
  • next up, create a full NANDroid backup;
  • having Windows on the laptop helps a lot;
  • the security software that’s currently activated on the phone needs to be disabled;
  • when you’re done with that, disable the laptop’s security programs;
  • charge the handset if its battery is low on life.

Step by step instructions

Having just performed the requirements above, you have to move on by applying rooting steps. Each of them is delivered right now.

  1. You should make sure your laptop contains the SRSRoot app. In order to gain access to it, download it there from this page. A download button has to be clicked so that the process can start.
  2. If the laptop is now featuring the freeware, you need to install the latter and then open it.
  3. Here is how to continue: enable, on the phone, Menu and Settings. These two have to make room for Unknown Sources now. This is the option you must tap next; it’s situated under the Settings one you activated.
  4. The next task we suggest you to perform: tap, if you haven’t, USB Debugging. Go to our next step if you’ve enabled that option above.
  5. Then provide a plugging between the phone and laptop with the handset’s USB cable. The connection will have been established in a matter of mere minutes.
  6. Next, start the smartphone’s rooting. Root Device (All Methods) is the name of the option that must be tapped here. After you enable that, make sure you wait 10 to 15 minutes.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The rooting may, however, not finish in that amount of time (or ever). That’s why you have one method of solving this issue; and that is to redo the steps.
  8. You are now very close to completing this guide. As soon as the the phone’s ended the previous phase, it can be rebooted. This consists of you tapping this: Reboot System Now. Let the XT560 enter the restarting phase, then, when it’s done, enjoy the root access.

The Motorola Defy Pro will soon surprise you with its latest additions. If something about them rubs you the wrong way, use the SRSRoot to revoke the root access. Below our guide is a comment section. Don’t be afraid to use it when problems with the rooting appear.