How to root Motorola Fire XT311

It’s important that you root Motorola Fire XT311. This phone of yours will be in great shape by the end of our tutorial!

You will have a brand new device when you’re done with this post. The rooting of your smartphone can be performed easily. That is guaranteed by SRSRoot. This app’s presence is bound to bring loads of new and great stuff. That way, the phone is both improved and renewed. That’s something the Motorola Fire XT311 greatly needs, especially since it’s 3 years old.

The phone comes with Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread. This is a version that the SRSRoot supports. But it’s not the only variant the app works with. There is also a 600 MHz ARM 11 CPU doing its job on your handset. And it will continue to do that; however, its speed will be improved by a lot. Furthermore, the rooting app you’ll soon experience comes with new features. They will then make way for these: superuser / admin permission and battery improvement. A group of root-only applications are also available. Customization options and custom ROMs are delivered, too.Motorola-Fire-XT311

The benefits of this procedure

The SRSRoot is a free app. It delivers all of the novelties in a secure way. But this isn’t the only thing it does; the app’s also free of unwanted programs, files and so on. If you ever decide on revoking the root access, this app will gladly come to your assistance. Also, the freeware has a wide range of gadget availability. It must be installed on a device after its user chooses a Build ID. You don’t know which one to select? We picked this version: GRJ22. The SRSRoot is compatible with others, too.

The rooting will revoke your phone’s warranty. A guide that’s based on your phone model will restore it.

But if an update is involved on a rooted product, the latter’s exposed to several cons. The device will quickly lose both its root access and system partition. Damage eludes its internal / external SD cards and important content.


There are some guidelines to be performed next. Each of them makes sure the Motorola Fire and laptop are ready to process the rooting. As such, here are our essential requirements:

  • take your laptop to this page;
  • there you will come across USB drivers fit for the smartphone;
  • download these necessary tools on the laptop and install them on it, too;
  • Windows is the operating system your laptop should own;
  • create the usual set of normal backups to secure the handset’s most important content;
  • generate a full NANDroid backup;
  • the phone’s security programs must all be turned off;
  • the laptop’s own set of security programs need to be disabled;
  • a fully charged battery must be featured on the phone;
  • have your phone’s USB Debugging tapped;

Step by step instructions

We’re going to take you on a journey now. It will result in a rooted Motorola Fire XT311. Here are the steps needed on the road!

  1. First of all, prepare the laptop for a download. The latter has to do with the SRSRoot. It is essential that the app lands on the necessary product.
  2. To help with that, access this link and then click on a download button. Your laptop will end up with the freeware after a few minutes’ waiting. The important thing to do next: install the app and launch it. But not on the phone; the two actions must happen on the laptop.
  3. This next task asks you to tap, on the phone, two options. Settings is the first one; the name of the second option is Unknown Sources. This is to be found under the phone’s Settings.
  4. Enable those two as indicates, then move on to USB Debugging. This is another option to activate. There’s no need for you to do it if you enabled this option before.
  5. Instead, take the USB cable of your handset out of the box. This is the most important instrument now. That’s because the cable makes sure a connection’s created between the phone and laptop.
  6. Once that appears between your products, begin the rooting. By tapping Root Device (All Methods), you’ll be sure to start the process. Allow the latter somewhere around 15 minutes.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The rooting of your phone can encounter problems. For instance, it could take longer than expected. If so, you should repeat the previous steps. If, however, the process happens smoothly from the start, you can reboot the Motorola Fire XT311.
  8. The name of the option that helps with this is Reboot System Now. The handset will restart in a very short while. That’s when you will have full access to the root access.

The latter can prove to be irritating and not at all what you had in mind. There’s the SRSRoot to use if you need to revoke the procedure. We also have a comment box under this post. Use this if the procedure throws problems your way.