How to Root Motorola Atrix MB861

Your Motorola Atrix MB861 will be in fine form after it’s rooted. Soon after the procedure’s been applied to this phone model, you’ll only win. That means less battery problems, newer things and much more.

Root access shouldn’t escape your smartphone. If it does, the handset can lose a bunch of essential and useful stuff. The tool to help you with the procedure is called SRSRoot. Its novelties work wonders on a phone that’s 3 years old. Among many other things, this apps offers access to a wide range of improvement tools. They are all fully described in this guide.

The benefits of this procedure

Before we refer to them, you have to prepare a Build ID. You can freely use ours, 4.5.2A-KT-75, or a different one. The SRSRoot lets you do the latter. The app does its job for free. The phone’s Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread is completely supported by this freeware. Other Android versions are also compatible with the app. The same should be specified about the gadgets rooted with the SRSRoot; there are many which make a great team with this tool.Motorola-Atrix-MB861 You will have an app that improves the phone’s dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A9 CPU. Moving on, the device will work with a tool that’s powered by an SRS Server. Having this app means various custom ROMs and new features. Battery tweaks and admin / superuser permission will be delivered along with root-only apps.

Customization tools are to appear on your Motorola Atrix MB861, too. Bloatware, security problems and many other unwanted things won’t show up. Dealing with root access includes a revoked warranty. Finding it again is possible. A tutorial that concentrates on your device’s model is what you need to use to revoke the warranty.

You have to let go of some elements if an upgrade is on the agenda. The root access is one of them; the other one is the system partition. Both the external and internal SD cards stay safe. Also, the data you keep on your handset isn’t bound to be harmed.


Requirements are very needed for a rooting. To acquire the novelties above, do the following:

  • the notebook you’re using should own USB drivers;
  • they are compatible with the handset and they can all be downloaded on it from this website;
  • install the drivers on the notebook, too;
  • have USB Debugging enabled on the Motorola Atrix MB861;
  • you need to start the creation of a group of backups (or only NanDroid one) for the handset’s data;
  • the battery of your smartphone has to be fully charged;
  • Windows has to be the only OS your notebook ships with;
  • the security programs on the notebook should be deactivated while the rooting is underway;
  • the Motorola Atrix has security programs, too;
  • you need to turn them off;
  • a full NANDroid backup is a must-have, also.

Step by step instructions

As far as our guide goes, you need steps to accomplish the rooting.

  1. We give you the first of them. According to it, the SRSRoot app needs to show up on the notebook. Download it there from this site. On it is a download button.
  2. Clicking on it commences the download phase. After your device contains this freeware, you need to do something with it. And that is: install and launch it on your notebook. A series of options have to be activated on the handset.
  3. The first one is Menu. Another one is Settings. Each of these needs to be activated one after the other.
  4. Next, find Unknown Sources and activate it, too. The option’s whereabouts are under Settings. USB Debugging will need an activation, as well. Only tap it if it hasn’t been done before.
  5. The MB861 and notebook need to stick to one another. Connect them by using the handset’s USB cable. To ensure the plugging, some time must pass. Usually, this means no more than a few minutes.
  6. Now start the rooting. Turn on Root Device (All Methods) to initiate the phase. On the whole, this requires less than 15 minutes. If they become 20 minutes or more, something has to be done. Solve this with the following action: repeat the previous steps.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]That’s not to say that your handset is sure to encounter such a problem. If it doesn’t, prepare to begin the next and last step. This is doable by performing, on your Motorola Atrix MB861, this task: tap Reboot System Now.

You will wait, this time, a couple of minutes at most. The rebooting once completed, there’s nothing more than to allow yourself the discovery of that root access.

When you have no use for the novelties, use the SRSRoot app. Its unrooting power will help restore the phone to its usual self. The tutorial is armed with a comment box. Your questions and comments are welcome there!